Getting Ready

We are having a family reunion this weekend for everyone to see my sister and her family before they move to China for three years for a job promotion. So we decided to get the yard ready for guests. Here’s what we have going so far:

We couldn’t find any annuals left at the garden center, so we picked up this pre-planted container to brighten up the front porch.

We planted two new trees in the back. They are hydrangea trees – aren’t they cute?!

Our basil plant is growing like crazy, so I have to make pesto before the party. My sister loves homemade pesto, and I doubt she’s had time to make any this summer.

We found this HUGE zucchini in the vegetable garden already! Can you see it in there? If not, here’s a shot of it before I shredded it for zucchini carrot bread. YUM! (notice the jalapeno peppers we have already too)

The best colors going on in our yard now are these:

I hope they continue to bloom through next week’s party. Now I have to make a shopping list and make some calls for the potluck treats. Hope you are enjoy this last week of July!

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Wow, you don’t have to go to all that trouble! Your yard already looked great! Can I make something on Friday and bring it? I could even help you make the pesto when I get there. Can’t wait to see your new valances, etc.

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