Padded Foot Stool

Ever find yourself sitting on a comfy chair, settling in to read your book, but you can’t quite get your legs in the right position? You need something to put up your feet!

Try making one of these padded foot stools to accompany your reading chair. I didn’t quite finish these in time to submit to the September Sewing for the Home series on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog, so I will share my steps here:

Here are the materials you will need:

Footstool, wood unfinished (my samples came from Michaels and Joanns)

Piece of fabric in home dec weight, measuring two inches larger than the platform of the foot stool (I used scrap pieces left over from my portable cushions)

Batting, several pieces measuring the same size as the top of the footstool (I used scrap pieces left over from quilts)

Staple gun and staples

Scissors or sharp knife (not pictured)

Paint or stain and appropriate brushes

Step One is to paint or stain the footstool to match your decor. You can leave the top platform unpainted since it will be covered with fabric (or you can keep going if you want to get carried away, like I did).

Step Two is to patiently wait for it to dry thoroughly. If you are staining the stool, apply a protective coating. Wait for it to dry again.

Step Three is to lay the fabric right side up over the top of the stool to gauge the placement, especially if you are trying to center a pattern. Set aside that fabric for now.

Step Four is to center several layers of batting on the footstool and cut to the same size as the top of the stool.

Step Five is to lay the fabric right side down on a flat hard surface, smoothing it out. Center the batting and the foot stool upside down onto the center of your fabric. Measure 2 inches to 2-1/2 inches all the way around the footstool and trim the fabric.

Step Six can be tricky. Fold one corner edge of the fabric down and over to the underside of the footstool platform. Picture wrapping a present.

Pull the fabric tight over the under side edge of the stool as if you’re making a pleat, and staple on the under side, close to the corner to catch the pleat. I ended up making two pleats to get a smooth corner.

Slide your fingers to the next corner, pull the fabric tight, and repeat your pleat folds. Secure with a couple staples close to the corner, on the under side of the stool. Repeat for the remaining corners of the stool.

Step Seven is to staple down the fabric in between each corner to secure it in place, about five times should hold it.

Step Eight is to trim the fabric underneath so it lays flat. Put your feet up and enjoy!

I love walking into someone’s office when they are reading and have their feet propped up on the desk. They jump and sit up straight in their chair, as if you just caught them reading the sports page or sneaking a shot of liquor. Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of these padded footstools in those boring corporate offices?!

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