Never Enough Time

We are off to New York City tomorrow for a vacation, family visit and a celebration.  You know how it is before you’re going out of town.  You’re working nine to ten hours a day at your day job, and you still have to go to the post office to mail your giveaway prizes, make sure the cat sitter has your schedule and enough food for the kitties, make sure all the Thanksgiving dinner ingredients are ready for your return the night before turkey day when you’re hosting a dinner party, clean the house as much as possible so it’s not a total mess when you return, run to the Apple store to find out why your iPod is flaking out (thanks techy guy for fixing me up!), go to the camera store to pick up a new battery for your old camera, go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, pick up that cute scarf to wear in the city, go to the bank, stop at a couple stores for hostess gifts to give your in-laws.

Whew, now I need a day off.  Err, maybe an hour to whip up a quick project would be nice.

I have one blank sheet left in my 2008 notebook so I need to start a new one.  I have been trying to brainstorm and record more ideas this year so I carry a notebook everywhere.  I could hardly go on vacation to New York City with just a plain notebook.  It needed some kind of pretty, homemade cover, don’t you think?

Set of Notebook Covers

I earned a free half yard of Kaffe Fassett’s GP27 Paisely fabric after making a big purchase for an exchange this summer.  I love this fabric, but I haven’t found the right project to use it on, until now.  In my “spare” time, I managed to squeeze in making a simple notebook cover with a solid pink fabric on the inside and pink rick rack around the edges.

Inside of Notebook Cover

I don’t have time to add any embellishments before we leave, but that’s okay.  The fabric and the rick rack look so pretty together.

Notebook Cover in Kaffe's Paisley Fabric

Oh my, I almost forgot that I still have to pack tonight!  Gotta have some cool clothes, hip-looking boots and a stylish purse for our adventures.  I’m so excited for our first stop – Purl in Soho.  I’m also excited about one of the places we’re going to celebrate.

I plan to take lots of pictures, and will try to do a post while we’re gone, as long as all my old technology works properly.

Have a great weekend!

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