Personalized Patchwork

My good friend Vicki, also known as Dotty Jane, was sneaky and sent me a little birthday/Christmas care package which contained this gorgeous personalized mug rug!

How wonderful it was to see my name sewn in fabric with beautiful prints and fabulous quilting. Be sure to look closer at the amazing pebble quilting she did in between the letters. I know she has been practicing with the quilt-along.

She also included this adorable patchwork Santa ornament, perfectly pieced and stitched.

Thank you, Vicki, for being such a great friend and for brightening my day!

A Rick Rack Treasury

Who doesn’t love rick rack?! (humor me if you don’t love it!)

How cool to see my Charming Yellow Makeup Bag included in this Rick Rack Treasury?! (third row down, first item)

Don’t know what a Treasury is? A Treasury is a member-curated shopping gallery comprised of 16 items chosen by the curator, items selected based on a theme or whatever the curator likes. Any Etsy shop owner can create a Treasury. It’s not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share cool things for sale on Etsy. I have an idea for a theme, so I really want to curate a Treasury one of these days.

Go check out all the other rick rack goodies too!

Never Enough Time

We are off to New York City tomorrow for a vacation, family visit and a celebration.  You know how it is before you’re going out of town.  You’re working nine to ten hours a day at your day job, and you still have to go to the post office to mail your giveaway prizes, make sure the cat sitter has your schedule and enough food for the kitties, make sure all the Thanksgiving dinner ingredients are ready for your return the night before turkey day when you’re hosting a dinner party, clean the house as much as possible so it’s not a total mess when you return, run to the Apple store to find out why your iPod is flaking out (thanks techy guy for fixing me up!), go to the camera store to pick up a new battery for your old camera, go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, pick up that cute scarf to wear in the city, go to the bank, stop at a couple stores for hostess gifts to give your in-laws.

Whew, now I need a day off.  Err, maybe an hour to whip up a quick project would be nice.

I have one blank sheet left in my 2008 notebook so I need to start a new one.  I have been trying to brainstorm and record more ideas this year so I carry a notebook everywhere.  I could hardly go on vacation to New York City with just a plain notebook.  It needed some kind of pretty, homemade cover, don’t you think?

Set of Notebook Covers

I earned a free half yard of Kaffe Fassett’s GP27 Paisely fabric after making a big purchase for an exchange this summer.  I love this fabric, but I haven’t found the right project to use it on, until now.  In my “spare” time, I managed to squeeze in making a simple notebook cover with a solid pink fabric on the inside and pink rick rack around the edges.

Inside of Notebook Cover

I don’t have time to add any embellishments before we leave, but that’s okay.  The fabric and the rick rack look so pretty together.

Notebook Cover in Kaffe's Paisley Fabric

Oh my, I almost forgot that I still have to pack tonight!  Gotta have some cool clothes, hip-looking boots and a stylish purse for our adventures.  I’m so excited for our first stop – Purl in Soho.  I’m also excited about one of the places we’re going to celebrate.

I plan to take lots of pictures, and will try to do a post while we’re gone, as long as all my old technology works properly.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday’s List

Today’s list includes finishing several projects:

Lots and lots of bulbs to plant. I got a pile of crocuses, hyacinth, anemones and more – all early bloomers. I love seeing the early bulbs coming in March, when there’s still snow around here, yet we are yearning to get out in the garden.

Lots of leaves to rake. We don’t have a lot of trees in our yard that drop too many leaves, but there’s a pretty big pile in the front to rake (and then jump in!).

A sewing project to finish. I can’t say much more about it just yet. But it’s pretty and exciting. I promise.

Finish making my contribution to the scrap challenge, sponsored by JCasa:Handmade. I have my project cut out, and just need a few minutes to assemble it. I’m excited for this one too!

A knitting project (or two) to work on when I have a few spare minutes. I doubt I will have time to finish either of these knitting projects (scarf and fingerless gloves), but it doesn’t hurt to add these to the list.

My to-do lists are usually overly ambitious, but I love having Sundays to work on all these home and craft projects. I have a busy day ahead so I better get going. Hope you have a great day!

Tablecloth for a Garden Party

*UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your comments on how to finish off this tablecloth! Would you believe I took it apart, added small ric-rac trim over the border on the top piece, added wide ric-rac to the seam and sewed the top and bottom together.  I love the new and improved tablecloth!  Check out new photos!

I ordered one yard of this fabric and this fabric, originally thinking I was going to make a tote bag. However, the size tote bag I had in mind was a little to small for the large print on the Guest of Honor fabric. Instead, I made a tablecloth for our patio, perfect for a Garden Party!

The top side is made from Guest of Honor fabric in ice.

The reversible other side is made from Fanfare in green. The border is from Polka Line in green.

I squared up both main fabrics to be an even 36-inch square. Then I attached 2-3/4-inch border strips to each side of each main fabric, mitering the corners. Then I layered the two main fabrics with attached borders right sides together and stitched all the way around, leaving a 3-inch opening. I trimmed the corners and turned the fabrics right sides out, pushing the corners out for a pointy finish. I hand-stitched the opening closed and pressed. Finished. Super easy.

I do have a question I need help with on finishing this finished tablecloth: should I leave the tablecloth as is (shown above) or add some rick-rack trim over the seam joining the border to the main fabrics (shown below)?

We have a tie here in our house. I want to add the trim but Dave says leave it off.

My other question is this: if I add the trim, how do I sew the rick-rack neatly around the corners? Should I cut it to fit each side, fold under the corners, and miter them? I have only added rick-rack to the inside seams so that it sticks out from the right sides of the fabric (as in a pillow cover).

Thanks for your help! Now let’s get together for a late-summer garden party.

Pillow Project

I love love love the chocolate lollipop fabrics by Anna Maria Horner! Since I can’t get enough of these fabrics, I have been stockpiling them before the stores and online shops run out, and before Anna Maria’s next line of fabrics – Drawing Room – comes out (any day now). I have big plans for that line of fabric too! While trying to find space on my sewing chair… (silly cat!)

silly cat!

… I made this cute pillow for my sewing room. I used the pink icing fabric for the front side of a 16″ pillow form.

front of pillow

Here is the back of the pillow, using the azalea dotta polk fabric, which shows the envelope opening I made so I can change the cover as the mood strikes me. I sewed two tabs of Fabric Fusion evenly spaced on the under side of the edges to keep the back closed and neat.

back of pillow

Here is a close-up shot of the rick-rack trim I added around edge of the pillow, which I think turned out sooo cute! I had some extra wide hot pink rick-rack in my stash, and this seemed like the perfect way to use it. I struggled to sew it around the corners but after pinning, sewing, and turning, it turned out quite nice, if I do say so.

close-up of the rick-rack

With the fabric scraps, I made these coasters, which are so bright and cheerful to me. (I used the pattern from Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules-Sewing book.)


Can you tell I’m having a blast with these fabrics?! I have two more completed projects to photograph for another post, and three more projects in progress on my sewing table.