Doll Quilt Sew-Along

One of my favorite toys as a kid was dolls.  Dolls, dolls, dolls!  I was crazy about dolls.  I used to love sewing clothes for them, crocheting granny squares for area rugs in their houses, and sewing bedding too.  I am still crazy about dolls, but it’s more of a nostalgic feeling than an urge to play with them today.

I was drawn to the February doll quilt sew-along at Sew,Mama,Sew to make a doll quilt with Alissa.  I bought these fabrics awhile ago with the idea in mind of making a mini quilt or a doll quilt.  Perfect!

Doll Quilt

(before quilting)

quilted doll quilt(after quilting)

I quilted a frame on the inside of each square and in the border, and then I tried that sketchy stitchy applique method around the flower.   

stitchy flower

I am so excited to report that I finally forced myself to sit still long enough to read the instructions on how to install the free-motion foot onto my sewing machine.  I even read the manual and did a little research on the Internet for tips on stippling.  Does this count as using fabrics in my stash?

Machine quilting practice

I noticed that the tension thread was off because the back isn’t as pretty, so I did more research today on how to tweak that too.  I’m off to practice more!

3 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Sew-Along

  1. You should try it on a small project – it’s quite therapeutic! From the bottom, the stitching line looked like it had dots through it, which was the top thread showing through. I read in a machine quilting book that the top thread tension was too loose. I usually keep my tension on Auto, so I moved the thread tension dial higher to 5 and that helped.

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