Colors of the Ocean Finished

Thank goodness for the break in the semester we had last week, when I made time to work on this project. I am excited to share my finished Colors of the Ocean quilt!

started this project as a part of Cherry’s quilt-along.

I made progress pretty quickly by finishing the top. And then it sat for awhile.

It was wonderful having time over spring break to quilt it and bind it. I love how the straight line quilting turned out. And I adore these colors. I am definitely sold on this modern look of solids and straight line quilting.

Turquoise On My Design Wall

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned I was participating in Cherry House Quilts’ quilt-along? I am happy to report that I have been keeping up!

I sewed my columns together last week, but forgot to post pictures of my progress.

This weekend I pieced the quilt top together.

I’m so happy with how it looks so far!

Next up will be basting and quilting. I have no idea how to quilt this beauty, so I’m looking forward to seeing Cherry’s recommendations. I think I  might find some inspiration in here too.

Ocean Colors

I have never been very good at keeping up with quilt-alongs. But this project caught my attention.

Chq-quilt-along small

I love the simplicity of the design. I love the drama it creates.

At first, I considered making that orange version, since we have a blank wall in our guest room that needs a splash of color.

Instead, I thought it would be more refreshing to make a wall hanging inspired by the colors of the ocean.

So far, I have my fabrics picked out and cut. This week, I’m looking forward to seeing the instructions for piecing.

This is the beginning of my efforts to keep my sanity during the latter part of winter, by working on small non-homework projects that I can actually keep up with and stay positive and inspired.

My First Hexagons

I was hesitant to start another project, but it seems like the more projects I have going on, the more productive I am.

So I joined in the hexagon quilt-along, taught by Jaybird Quilts and being photographed over at the Old Red Barn Flickr pool. I am having a ball watching everything in the gardens come back to life this Spring, so I put together a selection of new Kaffe fabrics I found at the local quilt shop, and some Love fabrics I had in my stash.

I think it’s magical when you go from 2/5″ fabric strips to triangles to hexagons.

I am really loving this particular quilt-along because I love how you can rearrange these triangles into different layouts for a different look.

Can’t wait for the next step!

I Found Some UFOs

Guess what – I have some UFOs! I forgot that I haven’t finished quilting this pillow yet.

I now have three quilt projects lined up to make.

The first one is Randi’s quilt-along project.

I cut these fabrics into 4-1/2 inch by 7-1/2 inch rectangles a couple months ago to make another quilt but I didn’t like the way it looked, so I put them back in my closet for another inspiration to appear.

Then I saw Randi’s quilt-along project, and decided that was just the right project. The cutting measurements for Randi’s quilt-along project call for 3-1/2 inch by 7-1/2 inch rectangles, so mine will be a little bit bigger. Close enough for me!


I ordered some Kona cotton in Snow, which I cut into the 4-1/2 inch squares to go in between each rectangle. I still love the chocolate lollipop fabrics, so I’m looking forward to working on this project.

The second one is Anina’s 3-by-3 swap I participated in last summer, where we swapped 9-patch blocks for three months. I need to add white sashing to join these blocks, which I think I have about 48 to assemble.

The third one is this Little Gems pattern I bought from Anina, which is a pinwheel block, my latest love. I haven’t made any pinwheel blocks, and I love these fabrics and colors, so this one is going to be fun too.

Little Gems by twiddletails.

I have the fabrics cut for each one of these projects, so I am ready for some piecing.

I love having several quilt projects lined up. Until I can get to these, I continue to keep busy making new products to fill up my shop.

Sewing, But Not For Me

I am so excited to be participating in the online quilting bee One Block Over this year! If you’re reading this and you’re not family with an online quilting bee, it is a group of twelve people who assemble to help make each other’s quilts. Each member sends out fabrics for their month with instructions on what block to make. The rest of the members make that block and send it back to the original member. It’s like making a cooperative quilt.

Here is the January block I made for Michelle at Calico Daisy.

She wanted a pinwheel inside a star, so we used the pattern for the Feb. 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

Such a cool idea for a block! Check out the variety.

I was excited to finally try out my quick quarter tool (thanks to Sherri for the reminder that I had one). You just line up the slotted center of the tool with each corner of a square, draw two lines on either side of the tool,  and sew along those lines, giving you a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Cut down the center, in between the two lines, and you get two triangle squares (see center pinwheel above).

Here is the February block I made for Heather.

Heather requested a wonky log cabin block, as wonky as we could get. I’ve never made a log cabin block or a wonky log cabin block, so I followed the directions from Quilt Dad‘s quilt-along posted last fall. I hope it is wonky enough for Heather’s taste! I think she will be able to trim this block or add to it to match the size she needs.

I have been assigned the month of August, and I’m thinking about doing a Fall quilt in Wonky Star blocks with a pile of Belle fabrics by Amy Butler.

In other sewing talk, did you see that Rachel is hosting a quilt-along to make her pinwheel quilt? I do love pinwheels so I would love to make that one!

pinwheel sampler quilt along. {button.}

Did you see that Randi is going to be hosting a quilt-along too? That looks like a great project to use up some scraps.


Oh wait, I cannot start another quilt until I finish my UFOs. It’s still fun to dream about quilts to make!

My Zigzag Quilt Along Has Morphed

I love the button for the zig-zag quilt along, don’t you? I wish I knew how to create these adorable buttons!

It seems like I am always at least a week behind when participating in these quilt-alongs. No worries, though. I finally finished cutting my fabrics, and started sewing the squares into triangles the other day.

squares for my zigzag quilt

But then these squares started calling me (not literally) to piece them into a different patchwork project. You see, I have been diligently working on a line of handmade patchwork products for my up-and-coming etsy shop. I should be focusing on making inventory right now.

Dance With Me patchwork

I still haven’t even quilted my strip-pieced quilt top from the first quilt-along. That one is basted and ready to go, patiently waiting for me to focus, or to finish my inventory marathon.  Stay tuned – I will share more on that soon.

Mod Girls Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top for the quilt-along early last week with plenty of time to spare!

Mod Girls quilt topI really love how this turned out! It’s so colorful and summery.  I decided to go for the bigger size – 6 blocks across by 8 blocks down – since I had enough blocks. It measures 60″ by 80″ which should be a good size for our bed.

Mod Girls quilting along

I am planning to do free motion quilting on this one, so I am excited for the next step!

Doll Quilt Sew-Along

One of my favorite toys as a kid was dolls.  Dolls, dolls, dolls!  I was crazy about dolls.  I used to love sewing clothes for them, crocheting granny squares for area rugs in their houses, and sewing bedding too.  I am still crazy about dolls, but it’s more of a nostalgic feeling than an urge to play with them today.

I was drawn to the February doll quilt sew-along at Sew,Mama,Sew to make a doll quilt with Alissa.  I bought these fabrics awhile ago with the idea in mind of making a mini quilt or a doll quilt.  Perfect!

Doll Quilt

(before quilting)

quilted doll quilt(after quilting)

I quilted a frame on the inside of each square and in the border, and then I tried that sketchy stitchy applique method around the flower.   

stitchy flower

I am so excited to report that I finally forced myself to sit still long enough to read the instructions on how to install the free-motion foot onto my sewing machine.  I even read the manual and did a little research on the Internet for tips on stippling.  Does this count as using fabrics in my stash?

Machine quilting practice

I noticed that the tension thread was off because the back isn’t as pretty, so I did more research today on how to tweak that too.  I’m off to practice more!