A Kindness Package

You know Jennifer Paganelli, right? Of course you do. She is the designer behind the Sis Boom Fabric Collections: Basics, Mod Girls, Bell Bottoms, Flower Power, Pretty Please, and Dance with Me.

But do you know what a wonderful person she is? I came to know this fact recently. You see, I follow her blog daily. I love her style, and I love her fabric designs. They speak to me and inspire me. They are saturated in colors I love and make me feel like I should be at the beach.

Jennifer is one of the kindest people I know. She always comments on my blog, and thanks me for visiting her blog. How many fabric designers do that? She is the only one I’ve ever had personal contact with. And I really appreciate that.

Sis Boom fabrics

Getting to the point, one day last week, this package of fabric showed up in my mailbox. It was a package I did not order. A kindness package, I’m calling it. From Jennifer Paganelli herself! She appreciated my support, so she sent me a few pieces of fabric from her Pretty Please and Flower Power collections.

There’s a really great interview with her at Sewing Examiner, where she talks about her company, her inspirations and influences, her design process, and most importantly, her advice on how to live: “Be good to people!”  You can also listen to a really fun podcast with Jennifer at Craft Sanity, where she talks more about how she got into the fabric design world. I love to hear the story behind creative people’s success!

I love kind people! Thank you so much, Jennifer, for being so kind and for sharing your talent with us!

14 thoughts on “A Kindness Package

  1. Things like this just make my day! How nice of Jennifer! I know I just love it when a designer comments on my blog or answers a quick question I have about their fabric/patterns! What are you going to use this fabric for? Can’t wait to see!

  2. She is one of the nicest fabric designer’s out there. Always leaving comments on Flickr photos or blog posts that someone used her wonderful prints in.
    How awesome that she sent you fabric. What will you be making out of it????
    This reminds me I need to find some flower power fat quarters online somewhere before they are all gone. 🙂

  3. I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now and I think you are so humble and generous with your talent! It’s easy to see why anyone would seek to show their appreciation for what you do. Thank you for sharing!

  4. How lovely!! It is gorgeous fabric – I have a few cuts myself and am admiring it before I cut into it. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

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