A Family Affair

I feel like I just spent the past three days on holiday! My family arrived on Friday to hang out and entertain our extended family for a reunion on Saturday to celebrate my sister’s time in the U.S.

We opened the day with a trip to the farmers market and art fair.

hanging out at the market(Abby, MaryKay, Taylor and Mike)

The produce and flowers at the market were beautiful, as usual.

freshness at the marketMy sister filled her shopping bag with lots of bread and cheese, of course. They can’t get good bread in China, and as long as they are in Wisconsin, they might as well stock up on cheese too. My brother bought these delicious jalapeno popper biscuits, quite tasty when warmed and buttered.

Mike and MK buying breadThe rest of us filled up on cookies for breakfast. (gotta keep up with the kids!)

We checked out some cool art,

sculpture art at the art fairand some funky art.

funky art at the art fairAll the while, my wonderful mom was at our house getting the food ready for a party for 25 people (thanks Mom!), and my husband was setting up the backyard (thanks Dave).

My wonderful family!(Mom, Mike, Taylor, MaryKay, Amanda, Me, Abby)

We lucked out with beautiful weather, and everyone had so much fun together!

6 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. That is one yummy, amazing Farmer’s market! Food and sunshine are both so great in Wisconsin. It’s nice to see your family blessed with such beautiful weather! Thanks for sharing your week-end!

  2. What fun. My family came this weekend too. I wish my farmers market was as good as yours. Maybe it would make it worth going to when people come visit us. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a fun and relaxing weekend! The farmer’s market and art fair looks like so much fun! It’s so wonderful to be able to spend time with family. Take care!

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