Ready for That Picnic

I finally finished quilting my picnic tablecloth, remember the one with those fabulous fabrics I got from Jennifer Paganelli?

picnic tablecloth is finished

After stitching in the ditch around the entire top, I used some artist tape for a guide to sew a square on the inside of each fabric square.

quilting the tablecloth

I used blue thread to match the Bella solid blue backing.

tablecloth-blue backing

I love how all the colors really seem to glow on this quilt!

picnic anyone?

I layered the front, the back and a piece of flannel instead of batting so I could use it on our table without too much bulk.

new tableclothI don’t think I will have the nerve to use this on the table when we serve spaghetti or sloppy joes, but it sure does brighten up the room!

11 thoughts on “Ready for That Picnic

  1. Pretty. I’ve been wanting to make some quilted tablecloths, and I think using flannel instead of batting is a great idea. Less bulk, and it would drape better over the table.

  2. So pretty!! I love Jennifer’s fabrics, and you showcased them so lovely in your quilt. I like how you quilted it, too! Nice job!

  3. Cute! I really like the stripes. My local quilt shop doesn’t carry much for stripes or geometrics and I miss them. They look great here. LOL on the spaghetti. I have some vintage tablecloths that I love but usually can’t convince myself to use for the same reason.

  4. Just love it Terri – the colours are so vibrant and cheerful – those fabrics work perfectly for a picnic cloth. Hope you have a lovely picnic planned before too long.

  5. It’s perfect! And you’re right…never take take chances with certain foods…especially with quilts and table toppers that wonderful!

  6. Great Job!! What a perfect way to use those pretty fabrics. You could always buy that clear plastic by the yard at Joann’s and use that to protect your tablecloth for spaghetti or sloppy joe night. They use it in some restaurants and it sure seems easy to wipe up.

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