The Art of Drawing Class

Remember that one-day drawing class I took back in May?  I liked the instructor so much that I signed up for a two-day drawing class with her, which is this weekend.

Hello Betty patchwork

The course description says we are going to expand our abilities and develop our individual drawing style. The instructor is going to teach us ways to loosen up (I need that when it comes to drawing!), learn to see and measure, learn principles of perspective,  all using graphite, charcoal, pen, and ink.

It will be two days full of instruction at this really cool artist retreat a few miles from my house.  I have always wanted to learn how to draw, so I am excited for this new adventure!  See you on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “The Art of Drawing Class

  1. Wow, that sounds like fun! And less stressful than taking a course for credit where you’re worried about what exactly the assignment is supposed to be. Have a GREAT time!

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