Another Finish – Mod Style

I am happy to report that I finished another quilt! Yippee (jumping up and down).

You may recall I made this quilt as part of a quilt-along last summer. I used Mod Girls fabrics by the fabulous Jennifer Paganelli, creator of Sis Boom fabrics. I love how colorful the simple rail fence blocks look with these colorful fabrics.

Finished Mod Girls Quilt

I spent so many hours last weekend doing free-motion all over this gem. I know, it doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a weekend if you’re not into sewing. A mix of John Mayer’s songs proved to be a great playlist to listen to over and over while I quilted the day away. I was so relieved to have a full weekend to spend finishing my unfinished quilt projects.

The quilting went pretty well for me, which was a relief since this was the first large quilt I did free-motion quilting all over. It measures 58 inches wide by 78 inches tall. I think I only crossed lines once or twice, and my stitches weren’t always perfectly even, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

Backing of Mod Girls Quilt

I pieced the backing with a pink stripe through the middle, and then used the scraps I trimmed off the backing to piece together the binding, which worked out quite well.

Binding on Mod Girls Quilt

Since I have fabric scraps left over from this project, I might have to make another one of those string-pieced pillows to match this quilt! I am excited to use this one, especially during this time of year when I’m craving color and looking forward to signs of life in our gardens.


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