Cool Colors Patchwork

I made a new zipper bag in this cool patchwork combination. Kinda beach-y, kinda spring-y, kinda cheerful – all things that make me happy.

These blues and greens are so calming, making me think of the gently rolling ocean waters. Why do all the uber-fabulous Sis Boom fabrics make me want to go to the beach?!

I changed the handle a bit with just a strap attached as a zipper pull, instead of a wristlet-type of handle.

This particular zipper bag is a perfect size for carrying your sewing notions, or your camera or mp3 player and charger cord.

I adore the patchwork combination of this new drawstring bag I made too!

I love the colors teal and brown next to each, with a splash of pink too. Again, now I want to go to the beach, carrying this bag filled with suntan lotion, flip flops, a towel, a radio, snacks, and a cool beverage to top it all off.

I added piping to the bottom of this one, giving it a more finished look.

This one measures 14 inches tall with a 7-inch wide bottom. I use these stuff sacks to carry stuff, especially whenever I travel, such as keeping shoes separate inside my suitcase or to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes.

Both added to my Shop!


  • Keep it up!!! You can really put some cool fabrics together,and those little bags are so cute. Great for just about caring anything small.

  • Love these colors and bags! Love the new handle too! And yes, Jennifer’s fabrics remind me of the beach…my favorite place to vacation!

  • Jennifer P.’s fabrics always make me want to decorate one fabulous bedroom after another!!

  • These are beautiful! I want to go to the beach too. Maybe I will be able to soon 🙂

  • Blue and green always look so fresh together. Love all your latest products.

  • Yiipee…new creations! I always adore seeing your new creations as they always come with such gorgeous gorgeous combination of fabrics and colors. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  • More excellent projects! The piping on the bottom is a great look.
    Any big weekend plans?

  • Terri, you always make such great little bags. Pretty and very useful. Sis Boom and the beach do seem to go hand in hand. And I love little sewing retreats at the beach. Last time I was there I made a Sis Boom quilt, and I’m already thinking ahead to Spring Break on the coast and what projects to pack. Decisions, decisions — aka, so many projects, so little time.

  • Great job! Piping in a circle can be a real bear!!

  • I love the bottom!!!!!

  • They look terrific. Jennifer’s fabrics are always so cheerful. I really like the piping on the bottom of the drawstring bag was it difficult to sew? I have a bunch of piping but haven’t used them for some reason. This is tempting me to try it. 🙂

    • Thanks Staci! I have found working with piping to be quite easy, even on curves. I sew it to the outer fabric first, matching up the raw edges, and lining up a zipper foot directly over the stitching on the piping fabric that holds the cord tight. That way, the piping doesn’t stick out too far from your final seams. I also pin it in place a lot. Then when you go to sew the outside and inside layers together, follow your stitching from when you attached the piping. It adds such a finished look, especially on bags and pillow covers.

  • I really love the blues! I know what you mean about the Sis Boom fabrics, she has such wonderful sky, water, ocean blues! Love your bags!

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