Cool Colors Patchwork

I made a new zipper bag in this cool patchwork combination. Kinda beach-y, kinda spring-y, kinda cheerful – all things that make me happy.

These blues and greens are so calming, making me think of the gently rolling ocean waters. Why do all the uber-fabulous Sis Boom fabrics make me want to go to the beach?!

I changed the handle a bit with just a strap attached as a zipper pull, instead of a wristlet-type of handle.

This particular zipper bag is a perfect size for carrying your sewing notions, or your camera or mp3 player and charger cord.

I adore the patchwork combination of this new drawstring bag I made too!

I love the colors teal and brown next to each, with a splash of pink too. Again, now I want to go to the beach, carrying this bag filled with suntan lotion, flip flops, a towel, a radio, snacks, and a cool beverage to top it all off.

I added piping to the bottom of this one, giving it a more finished look.

This one measures 14 inches tall with a 7-inch wide bottom. I use these stuff sacks to carry stuff, especially whenever I travel, such as keeping shoes separate inside my suitcase or to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes.

Both added to my Shop!

I Didn’t Order These

I had to do a little groveling to convince Dave that I didn’t order these fabrics that showed up on my door step!

I swear, I didn’t order these. I just happen to be lucky to have a friend out there who likes to share her fabrics with fellow sewists, like Santa Claus spreading good cheer.

She even included a couple of her brand new fabrics, and that adorable little scented sachet.

Look at that lovely scene on the new Genevieve fabric. Thank you so much, Jennifer. I will do you proud!

Enjoying the Sunshine

I don’t have a lot of progress to show for my weekend, except for this string-pieced mini quilt I started.

I cut up a lot of my Sis Boom fabric scraps into strips and started piecing them together to make another pillow cover. I love how colorful it’s turning out.

In between the piecing, we are enjoying a streak of sunshine around here, which is wonderful because it seems like we’ve had a gray winter so far.

As you can see, we still have a lot of snow on the ground in our yard.

I’m hoping all this sunshine will start melting those layers of snow. I am really starting to get the itch for spring, dreaming of seeing grass again and watching my bulbs start to peak up through the thawing ground. Hope you are enjoying your Valentine’s Day too!

My Zigzag Quilt Along Has Morphed

I love the button for the zig-zag quilt along, don’t you? I wish I knew how to create these adorable buttons!

It seems like I am always at least a week behind when participating in these quilt-alongs. No worries, though. I finally finished cutting my fabrics, and started sewing the squares into triangles the other day.

squares for my zigzag quilt

But then these squares started calling me (not literally) to piece them into a different patchwork project. You see, I have been diligently working on a line of handmade patchwork products for my up-and-coming etsy shop. I should be focusing on making inventory right now.

Dance With Me patchwork

I still haven’t even quilted my strip-pieced quilt top from the first quilt-along. That one is basted and ready to go, patiently waiting for me to focus, or to finish my inventory marathon.  Stay tuned – I will share more on that soon.

Ready for That Picnic

I finally finished quilting my picnic tablecloth, remember the one with those fabulous fabrics I got from Jennifer Paganelli?

picnic tablecloth is finished

After stitching in the ditch around the entire top, I used some artist tape for a guide to sew a square on the inside of each fabric square.

quilting the tablecloth

I used blue thread to match the Bella solid blue backing.

tablecloth-blue backing

I love how all the colors really seem to glow on this quilt!

picnic anyone?

I layered the front, the back and a piece of flannel instead of batting so I could use it on our table without too much bulk.

new tableclothI don’t think I will have the nerve to use this on the table when we serve spaghetti or sloppy joes, but it sure does brighten up the room!

A Finished Coin Quilt – Progress!

I made this coin quilt a couple months ago as a part of the coin quilt piece-along, and I finally finished the quilting and binding!  Just wanted to prove that I have been sewing a little bit lately.

finished coin quiltI quilted straight lines around each column of coins, and then more lines around the entire piece.

front side of coin quiltI pieced the back with a larger cut of Bell Bottoms fabric I had in my stash and a couple extra columns of coins for the backing.

coin quilt backing

I think the back looks cool, but in hindsight, I would have had made the front wider with those extra coins and put a solid green in the middle section.

I still love how this one turned out!

Mod Girls Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top for the quilt-along early last week with plenty of time to spare!

Mod Girls quilt topI really love how this turned out! It’s so colorful and summery.  I decided to go for the bigger size – 6 blocks across by 8 blocks down – since I had enough blocks. It measures 60″ by 80″ which should be a good size for our bed.

Mod Girls quilting along

I am planning to do free motion quilting on this one, so I am excited for the next step!

Mini Quilt Monday Contributions

I know, technically it’s not Monday anymore. But Monday was a holiday, so technically, today is my workday Monday. What better way to get back into the swing of things by sharing my new mini quilts.

I really love seeing all the mini quilt projects being created these days.  When I first learned how to quilt, I started with minis, which was quite fun.

Stars in the Snow mini-quilt(Stars in the Snow, made in 2000)

Here are my newest minis, which I finished over the weekend, and I love for the quilting practice and for using up scraps:

my three new mini quilts!The first mini is a string-pieced pattern, based on Rachel’s tutorial. I changed it slightly by using different widths of strips. I just love how this one turned out! I quilted about 1/4 inch from the seam of each string, and then a few random lines down the middle of a couple wider strips.

mini string pieced quilt(front)

back of string pieced mini quilt(back)

The second mini is a triangle-square block pattern, using scraps from my coin quilt. I love how this one turned out because I love these fabrics, especially with the clean, fresh white.

triangle square mini quilt(front)

back of triangle square mini(back)

The last mini is a disappearing nine-path using scraps from my Ava Rose quilt.

mini disappearing 9-patch(front)

back of disappearing 9-patch mini(a plain white backing to highlight my new free motion skills)

I am so happy with how each of these turned out, for different reasons. I either love the block, love the fabrics, or love the quilting. I have more ideas for future minis, so I’m off to play. Thanks for stopping by!