Clutch Experiment – Part 2

Remember last Friday when I revealed the clutch experiment I’ve been working on? This week, I tried out another one. I used a project from this book as my inspiration, and made this patchwork of fabrics from the Poppy collection.

Then I cut out the design I sketched, and assembled it. Check this out – piping, chain, et al!

I remembered a suggestion my mom told me recently about using lighter fabrics for the lining so you can see inside your bag in dim light. The outer patchwork pieces are lined with batting and interfacing, but I also used interfacing on the lining, which makes this clutch quite sturdy.

Isn’t that fun? I am still tweaking my design on this one. I want the corners of the flap to be rounder. I put a magnetic snap in the center of the flap, underneath that blue gem, but I also had to add a snap on both corners  to hold the flap down neatly. To fix that on the next one, I will put a magnetic snap on each corner.

Next up for my clutch experiment, those Sugar Snap fabrics I showed you earlier this week with a tweaked clutch design pattern!

18 thoughts on “Clutch Experiment – Part 2

  1. The colors in the Poppy line are so fresh and cool – really perfect for Summer! Heaven help me, I’m off to order some now!

  2. Wow Terri I feel as if I’ve been away for a long time. You have been creating such beautiful bags. I really love the patchwork and fabric choices you picked out. I also love your banner. 🙂

  3. Amazing Terri – your bags all look very professional. Love that poppy fabric – have been seeing it around a bit this week. It works so well in a bag.

  4. I like the idea of using light colored lining. Really love the pieced fabrics! Great look! You make piping look so easy, but I’m still scared of it:)

  5. Very clever my dear. That is really nice. I think if you get your corners rounded more they will lay flat for you. Keep up the good work. Love your bright colors,so cheerful.

  6. Isn’t it fun going through the learning process? I always love the imperfections because it means I’m learning! I think it looks great, and I like the suggestion about lighter interior fabrics. I tend to go for bold, vibrant prints and never thought about that! Nice job, Terri!!

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