Handbag Experiment

Remember a couple months ago, I started a clutch experiment? It was fun to try a couple different designs and fabrics. I’m happy I have the sizes figured out, so now I am ready to put a few more together.

I have also been experimenting with different handbag styles lately. I made one for my mom for mother’s day, and then another one for my insurance agent , the new and improved version having inside zipper pockets.

After seeing this handbag in a magazine,  I thought a patchwork version of my own handbag was in order. (You know how I feel about leather bags and designer bags – not too crazy about either one.)

I made one for spring and summer.

I really loved working with these decorator weight fabrics! They are so soft and saturated in colors. I really love how the pink piping looks in contrast to the teal patchwork.

I love the teal linen fabric I used for the backing.

I love the pink zippered pocket on the inside, which I am getting better at installing.

While I was at it, I made another version for fall and winter.

I used black suiting fabric for the backing, a black zipper and black piping, which blends in more than I wanted to, but I’m still happy with it. (For the next one, I need to pay closer attention to those contrasts on the front and the back.)

I used a piece of fabric from the Little Folks fabric collection for the lining, which was sooo soft and easy to sew with.

I am so thrilled with the patchwork on the front of these handbags! I loved working with some fabrics new to me for the backing – linen and suiting.

This handbag might be the inspiration for my next experiment.

I especially love how girly these handbags are. I get so excited trying out new things, from different patchwork to different shapes and sizes to different fabrics. Can’t wait to get going on the next experiment!

23 thoughts on “Handbag Experiment

  1. Those are amazing! That chevron pattern is a great way to use several fabrics in one purse and I think yours is MUCH prettier than the one in the ad!

  2. I really like ow you took this handbag from a magazine and made it your OWN. Decorator fabrics are an interestingly nice approach to this design from what I am seeing in these pics:) Loving the feminine bags from the magazine too, but like you, would rather have my purse cotton based over leather.

  3. I love it! I never thought about “remaking” a leather purse into fabric before *face palm* – good work! The pinky/red is my fav, but they’re both great 🙂

  4. This is your best bag yet! Love, love the fabric combinations! By the way, i feel the same way about leather and designer bags!

  5. Your bags look amazing Terri! I love the design you have used – really modern feel – great fabric choices! You should sell your patterns.

  6. Your bags are amazing. I like how you took the photo and turned your fabrics into two beautiful designs. I wouldn’t pick one because I love both!! Great designs!! 🙂

  7. You have great effort! Love the pink one. Really good choice of fabrics. How long you spend the time on those? I used to made quilt bags and each of them take me so long time to finish one. 🙂

  8. Oh, I love your awesome bags. I especially like the teal one. That last bag photo is adorable too, can’t wait to see your version and fabric selections. I wouldn’t mind making one of those myself.

  9. These are awesome, Terri! I love the colors you chose on both purses. I think the black piping looks sophisticated, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Can’t wait to see your next bag, that inspiration bag is too cute!

  10. These, my dear, are just stunning. How do you do all of this! I quit my full time job and have two part time ones and I barely have time to read everything in my Google reader, much less create beautiful (and apparently functional!) pieces of artwork! You inspire me!

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