Fresh Ingredients

There’s nothing better than fresh salsa, especially with ingredients from my own garden.

I could eat it by the spoonfuls, but it definitely tastes better with chips.

I think these vibrant salsa colors are great inspiration for a patchwork project, so I checked my stash of reds and greens and found more fabrics than I realized I had, especially in my Christmas pile. (don’t you just love these tone-on-tone polka dots on top?!)

Now I just need to figure out what to make. I have faith an idea will come to me.

14 thoughts on “Fresh Ingredients

  1. That salsa looks great. Love that fabric. I know you will find something wonderful to make out of it. Can’t wait to see what it might be!!!

  2. Your salsa looks yummy.. We make a lot of fresh salsa as well. One of our favorite meals is Taco salad with fresh salsa. Those fabrics are so modern and fresh looking, love those tot polka dots. I have no doubt you’ll come up with something beautiful.

  3. Salsa, Yum!!!! Good luck with choosing something to make with those lovely bright fabrics. I expect the creation has already started.
    Happy days.

  4. I see Kaffe (?) and AMH poking out at the bottom! OOOH 🙂 AND I love fresh salsa. I didn’t until I moved to Texas for a few years and started to appreciate REAL southwestern food. YUM!

  5. Your salsa goodies look yummy! We love homemade salsa!

    Love all of the fabrics, but the dots do stand out as a favorite! What is it about dots?

    I know you will come up with a wonderful project!

  6. Your salsa looks very tasty! When you make salsa fresh the colors are so bright. I like the fabrics you picked. I know you will make something wonderful.

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