A Preview

I haven’t had time to sit at my sewing machine for two weeks, yet I have been holding back on you! I finally finished adding some new one-of-a-kind bags to my shop, so now they can all be found in the New Products section.

Some are meant to be functional and practical, like these Artist Totes below. (my sister has already claimed the one with the blue lining)

Others are fun because they are impractical, like these patchwork party clutches below! (Update: I sold the one in the middle at my craft show, but I can always make another if someone has a custom request.)

Some of these new patchwork handbags could be carried for daytime running around (pink and grey version listed here and maroon and grey version listed here) or

They could complement a trendier look for a girls’ night out. (Update: I sold the middle wristlet below at my craft show, but I plan to make another since I really love that city scape print.)

I have been wanting to try a new messenger bag/laptop bag with a flap in a more modern romance look. Check out the link to that laptop bag – it has the coolest newsprint fabric inside the flap! (Note: I also made myself a funky new handbag, shown below, out of plaid suiting with lace, sequin and stud accents.)

I am happy to offer all of these styles as custom designs, in addition to what I patch and piece together based on my own inspirations. I provided more details in the descriptions in my shop, if you’re interested in more specifics.

Sorry for the bag overload today! I’m super excited about all these one-of-a-kind designs. I’m hoping to develop most of these patterns into a collection, so this is a preview of a regular series of goodies to come. Thanks for hanging out with me today!

18 thoughts on “A Preview

  1. Yay! I LOVE them! I just bought the other artist tote cause I LOVE it! You are amazing. I think your idea of doing a line of bags is a great idea, because you have the touch! Happy Day!

  2. I just love that laptop bag, inside and out! And the cityscape fabric – just perfect for this time of year. It is so fun browsing around your shop, with so much variety going on!!

  3. How fun! I love the party clutches the Sugar Snap one is so cheery. I also love the color combo in your patchwork bags too. You’ve been so busy. 🙂

  4. Dear Terri, you are really Specialist with bags! You make them so wonderful but also practical! I love your bag you made for your trip to New York!
    xxx Teje

  5. Terri!!!! Woman!!!! You are turning me into a bag-o-holic (nicer name than a bag lady don’t you think lol).

    There are no less than 3 bags that I would jump at immediately – ohhhhh, I just NEED them.

    You are so very talented at these – no wonder your sister claimed the artist bag – I am almost afraid to venture into your etsy store as my finger might just keep slipping on the ‘buy ‘now” button!!

  6. Hello Terri,

    A stunning array of bags. I can see why they are selling like hotcakes. Love the bags in the second photo. Happy creating.

  7. Dearest sweet terri, your bags are gorgeous! Im loving all the new items in your sweet shop! That Artist Tote is gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

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