A Rick Rack Treasury

Who doesn’t love rick rack?! (humor me if you don’t love it!)

How cool to see my Charming Yellow Makeup Bag included in this Rick Rack Treasury?! (third row down, first item)

Don’t know what a Treasury is? A Treasury is a member-curated shopping gallery comprised of 16 items chosen by the curator, items selected based on a theme or whatever the curator likes. Any Etsy shop owner can create a Treasury. It’s not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share cool things for sale on Etsy. I have an idea for a theme, so I really want to curate a Treasury one of these days.

Go check out all the other rick rack goodies too!


  • Treasuries are so fun. How cool to be included! Once Mark’s fused glass was included in a treasury with a Caribbean color theme–all blues and greens.

    Love your bag, BTW.

  • WTG Terri! It’s great that your makes are getting highlighted like this – always a compliment to be included in a treasury. Spot light on you buddy :0) looking good :0)

  • Congrats to you! How exciting! And I totally love rick-rack!

  • Hi Terri, Thanks for the info on the Etsy’s treasures. Wow I never thought of looking into it. What a neat idea! Etsy is so full of wonderful crafters, and it’s hard to see “everything”. what a special way to share it in the treasures section. I’m checking it out right now. Hehehehe!

    BTW…Love what you are doing with your purse’s, and good luck on Etsy!


  • YAY for being featured!! I love your bag and I do love a little rick rack in my life 🙂 I can’t wait to see what treasury you’ll dream up!

  • Congratulations on making the treasury! I love looking at those and would love to see the one you create. 🙂

  • Great idea. Just looked at the one you showed us. Nice!! I to like a little rick rack. Can’t wait to see what you come up with some day. Your bag is really cute.

  • Very cute treasury! I’ve never tried one, but it looks like fun. Congratulations for being included!

  • Hooray for you! I am not surprised that your work would be included in something like this. You always have such great things!

  • That’s great!! I get emails of theme items on etsy and Congratulations on being selected!!!
    And, by the way, I love rick rack!!

  • Hello Terri,

    Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love ric-rac. I am obsessed with it,well Lucy tells me that. Congratulations on being featured. Happy days.

  • I love the Etsy Treasury! How cool that you were featured! How did you realize your item was featured?

    • Thanks so much Emily! I have always loved rick rack but never really knew how to use it in a modern way. I was happy someone noticed this makeup bag, and was kind enough to include it in their Treasury. I received a Convo (email) from the curator that one of my products was featured in her Treasury. ~Terri

  • yay! i love ric rac too. i’ve collected it, now i just need to use some in a few projects. 🙂 i love how you used it in the makeup bag….very very nice!

  • Congratulations Terri! Of course it doesn’t surprise me a bit, your designs are awesome.

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