Sketchbook Project – A Pencil Rendering

For my Drawing for Illustration class, we have been working on a project called the Sketchbook Project. We could pick a subject we were passionate about, and use that for inspiration. I chose skiing and hiking for my subject.

At each class, we have to bring five thumbnail sketches (3 inch squares) to class. Our instructor gives us comments and direction, and helps us pick a sketch to work on for a larger composition. Our first formal rendering was using graphite pencils.

The point of these sketches is to get the idea onto paper, to tell a story. Then we work on the technical drawing skills in the larger composition. I will be honest with you, it’s hard to do the smaller sketches and the larger composition. It’s even harder to show these sketches to anyone!

Here is my inspiration photo, which was an ad at the back of a magazine.

Here is my tiny (3-inch square) thumbnail sketch.

Here is one of my rough sketches, which I ended up changing the composition.

Here is my final pencil rendering, which I’m looking forward to framing to preserve.

Our second formal rendering was a similar process using pen and ink, which meant NO erasing. Aahh, sounds scary, I know! It was actually more fun than I thought it would be, especially with a lot of practice. I will show you that piece soon.

15 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project – A Pencil Rendering

  1. These are wonderful Terri! I actually like your drawings better than the East West Resort ad. Your renderings have great character. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. This looks absolutely fabulous! I know what you mean though. The thumbnails are never that spectacular, and it’s a lot of work to go through all the iterations. We did this process in the drawing class I took last spring as well. Yours is fabulous! I’d hang that up somewhere too!

  3. Just amazing. You do such good work. I can’t draw at all. So glad you are doing good and enjoying it. Wonderful and thankyou for sharing. I’m excited to get to see your work.
    Enter that contest with that designer. You will do great.

  4. It’s so good to see the processes you go through and how you adjust and alter each stage of the design. Your work is fab and the final drawing is brilliant – love all of the detail in the wood and brick work – I would be excited to get it framed up too.

  5. Hello Terri, Randi is right you could draw fabrics! I enjoy seeing your drawings and studies!
    I love changes and suprises and that it was your fantastic purple colour flowers!!!
    For one fabric design contest you could see this
    Best wishes from Teje

  6. Hello Terri,

    Thanks for sharing your drawings. Glad to see you framed your work. You should be very proud.
    Happy drawing.

  7. Way cool! I think I would want to frame the sketch too! I took art classes in high school where we did a little sketching. But, oh wow, that was such a loooong time ago lol. I like it, very good, you should feel pleased with the results. I can so understand feeling hesitant to share out on line though, it would be a little scary for me :0) Have a good day, Sarah

  8. They look awesome! My husband did a quick pen an ink for my new sewing room on Valentine’s Day. I was SHOCKED at how much work went into even a really small picture! Your sketches look great and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

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