20 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?!

  1. Oh dear rofl – not just a light flurry then! I would suggest you go build a snowman but I think I would get a snowball stotted off my head!

    Ummmm – nothing I can really say… now that’s a first lol.

  2. Oh no!! That is TOTALLY unfair! Every time I see pictures from you like this I am baffled by your ability to function in that amount of snow. Seriously, it makes my head hurt. I’m sending you sunny wishes!

  3. UGH! I hope that cold front stays away from here!! I NEED spring. I really, really do…. we should all do a spring chant or something. A group consciousness thing, asking spring to come to us already!

  4. Oh Terri, that wasn’t nice suprise! I hope it melts quickly! Yesterday it was hailing and almost snowing here – in Crete – and it was only +2 C degrees! Today we have all the weathers, few snowflakes, rain and now sun!
    I hope you have something really nice to do not to think about the weather!
    xxx Teje

  5. Oh I wish I could come to your house for a cuppa cocoa~lovely pics.
    Out here in AZ, well it’s going to be in the 80’s today~the ONLY time of year we can brag. Get back to me in July when we’re at 120 😉
    hugs~stay warm!

  6. I was so NOT happy to see that this morning- Made it so much worse that it wasn’t expected. Took me 50 minutes to do the normally 20-minute round trip to drop my daughter at school. Melt melt melt!

  7. LOL And what’s even more strange Terri? If you lived just 45 minutes South it would have been ALL rain. My husband had an interesting drive into work today up your direction. He left here in the rain, three miles away it was rain/snow mix then 15 minutes more, all snow. He said there was about 2 inches of snow in the parking lot at his job which is just a bit off the interstate and the exit at Hwy 151. Looks like you got a bit more than that. I’ll take the rain so thanks for taking the snow. 🙂

  8. I’m so sorry. It does not even look pretty anymore. Tired of winter. The kids are going to school on Saturday back home to make up snowdays. Just not right.
    Come on Spring

  9. I think I’ve seen these pictures before on your blog. Are you sure you didn’t just post the same pictures again? (just kidding….). It was like 70 degrees here and spring t-shirt weather here.

    I guess I could have left that last sentence off….

  10. Living all my life in northern Minnesota, we would call that a ‘dusting’. LOL We, too, are anxious for spring. I always try to look at things on the positive side. So when those long winters seem to go on forever I tell myself this….”someone has it worse then me”. Some people are blind and cannot see to enjoy the beauty of everything all fluffy white. Some people can’t walk, to be able to go out and make a snow angel. Some days are harder then ever to convince myself that I should enjoy EVERYTHING each day and that’s when all I can do is just laugh at it. Laughter is the best medicine…right? LOL

  11. Terri, I’m so sorry. We are having just beautiful weather here…75 yesterday…wow…I can’t even imagine that kind of weather this time of year. Within a couple of months, though, I’ll be complaining about the heat!

  12. Oh, I hope it melts fast, we had 88 degrees yesterday. It’s warming up too quickly, wish it would stay in the 70’s for another month. Wishful thinking!

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