New Bags, Just For Me

In case you’ve been wondering whether I still sew, the answer is yes, I sew a lot. Most of the stuff I’ve been making lately has been fun goodies for my shop.

I have been carrying around this small clutch for the past few months.

I love this little clutch, but it’s actually better for going out at night, not for carrying all my usual purse stuff and a few extras when traveling. So I decided I needed a new purse.

I wanted something a little bigger to fit a sketchbook. It’s an 11-inch square just like these other purses I made for my shop. It has darts in the bottom corners to expand the inside of the purse just enough to hold my purse goodies.

I also wanted something youthful and a little funky, but still functional. In my true style, I always like to add piping for that extra finished touch. This bag has a zipper pocket inside to hold loose items, and an open pocket on the other side to slip in a notebook.

That’s what I came up with – fun, isn’t it?! I really love it.

I have also been wanting to make a messenger bag to carry art supplies when traveling.

I wanted this bag to be big enough to fit a sketchbook and drawing and painting tools. Since I couldn’t find a pattern I was in love with, I made up my own pattern for this bag, which measures 13 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

Once again, I wanted this bag to be youthful and fun, while still being functional. I like having the long natural webbing strap to sling across my shoulder.

I added a little pocket with velcro closure on the inside of the flap to hold my headphones.

This one is just the ticket! I used a print from the Drawing Room home dec collection by Anna Maria Horner for the outside and a print from her Garden Party collection for the lining. I wish all home dec fabric were this soft and lovely to work with! Hmm, wonder if she has plans to do more home dec fabrics.

Speaking of headphones, I made a tiny little pouch to store my headphones in my purse.

To give you perspective, I used a 4-inch zipper on this one! That is small. But it’s a great way to keep my headphones from getting tangled and tossed about in my purse. It is big enough to fit an ID and credit card, so I could also use this as a wallet.

It’s always fun to have new purses!

14 thoughts on “New Bags, Just For Me

  1. I love the messenger bag! It’s gorgeous! The piping is a great touch. It’s so nice to make your own bag and totally customize it with the little pockets and things that you need in just the right size. I don’t do this much, but I think I should think about doing it more often!

  2. Being a purchaser of your bags, I HIGHLY recommend them. They are well-made and beautiful. Also, some people are NOT bag makers–and that would be ME–so Terri, you are my go-to person for all my bag needs!

  3. Dear Terri, I’m happy to see you sewing! All the bags are great and the messenger bag is my favourite! Thank you for inspiration!
    xxx Teje

  4. Your new bags are just perfect to use as a day purse and a trail bag. The fabrics are gorgeous and how fab to make designs that are tailored to your needs. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun and get tonnes of use out of both. Great designs and attention to detail as always.

  5. You’ve been busy Terri, your bags are all adorable! Love the piping. I love your little animal print bag for your headphones, what a great idea! They do get all tangled up, don’t they?

  6. Hello Terri,

    Your sewing is great. Just love the material/design of your Messenger bag. Great to have a little purse for the headphones.
    Happy days.

  7. I can’t believe how behind I am on my reader but these bags are wonderful. The headphones case is a great idea. I need to make one for me so mine at work dont get tangled.

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