Garden Update – Lilies

The lilies are here, the lilies are here! And they are everywhere!

My mom gave us an entire row of day lilies, which are blooming in several colors.

Plum colored lilies

I love these red ones with a radiating yellow center.

I also love these burgundy and cream lilies together. How stunning (and lucky) to have these contrasting colors planted next to each other.

Peach lilies

More peach lilies too

If I had to pick one favorite in the garden, I would choose this cream and purple lily as my favorite.

I love lilies, so I’m lucky my mom’s yard got too shady as the trees matured, and she had to transplant her lilies to a sunnier spot: my yard!Lilies needs sunshine, and our entire backyard faces south, so I guess our gardens were meant to have lilies. Thanks Mom!

14 thoughts on “Garden Update – Lilies

  1. They’re beautiful!! The colors are gorgeous and they all look so bright and sunny! You’ve got so many varieties, I bet you could just sit in the garden with a glass of lemonade and look at them forever!

  2. Wow, you must have some amazing flower arrangements in your home right now! I love having flowers to cut for the house… it makes inside more like outside, which I love!

    Gorgeous lilies, Terri! They’re growing up gangbusters!

  3. Your mom has great taste in flowers and how lucky that you’ve been gifted them. My favourites are the first ones, that peachy pinky colour and I’m sure your mom loves seeing them doing so well in your yard.

  4. Terri, your daylilies are spectacular!!! What a great variety you have. My mom also has a garden full, and Michelle has some transplanted from our grandmother’s collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit their green thumb. Your yard and garden must be incredible. Would like the chance to see it sometime.

  5. Hello Terri,

    Your backyard has just made my day. I only have the plain old yellow one. I will have to look out for some coloured ones like yours. They are tough plants to which is great.
    Happy days.

    p.s. aren’t Mum’s great for plants.

  6. We just bought some daylilies and planted them by our mailbox. We want to fill the entire ditch along the road in front of our house with them, eventually. Next weekend, I’m going back to farmer’s market for lavender and hydrangeas. 🙂

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