Art Cards – Week 30 – Zodiac

For week 30, Michelle chose the prompt Zodiac as inspiration for our art cards.

I was gone most of the weekend so I didn’t really know how I was going to illustrate this prompt. Then I woke up too early on Monday morning with a lightbulb moment telling me exactly what I wanted to do. Sometimes that’s how it happens, and you just gotta run with it!

Side 1 is the Zodiac wheel, surrounded by twinkling stars in the night sky.

Side 2 is the Sagittarius constellation with positive words (left out the negative traits!) describing someone born under this sign, like me!

Be sure to check out what Michelle did to illustrate her Zodiac prompt. Sandra also made a magical set of cards for this week as well.

7 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 30 – Zodiac

  1. Fabbie cards again – don’t you just love lightbulb moments! I really like the twinkling stars and how vivid the ink work looks against the blues. Also love the layering over text and had a little chuckle at the words beneath 🙂 were you using a DIY manual? I think all of the positive sagittarian words sum you up perfectly.

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