Vintage Suitcase

Remember when I showed you a couple antique boxes recently that I found at an antique shop? I have also been looking for a small vintage suitcase to carry as a briefcase for my art supplies or to use as a fun carry-on bag when traveling.

My niece and cousin were shopping together and found this fabulous vintage suitcase for me. It measures about 16 inches wide by 11 inches tall, so it’s a nice small size with a comfy handle for carrying around.

I’m so excited to have such a stylish way to travel now!

17 thoughts on “Vintage Suitcase

  1. Hi Terri! That is a beautiful suitcase and seems to be in perfect shape! I can imagine how much you enjoy having your art things in it!
    xxx Teje

  2. Terri! I had that set when I was really young! Maybe it used to be mine… I had three in differing sizes, all that exact model & color! Wow. Weird seeing yours now… I’d forgotten about those! 🙂 Great find for your art stuff!

  3. Super cute! I love this!! When we hosted Susan Beal at Bobbin’s Nest she brought the samples from her book in a vintage suitcase and I just loved it! Have fun with this. 🙂

  4. So sweet – it looks in great condition too – even the lining! What a super way to carry your art supplies and you can even rest the suitcase on your lap and have a ready made table too – fabulous 🙂

  5. Oh wow! I had a 3 piece set exactly like that in blue. You make me wish I still had it. I just found your website and I’m having lots of fun reading it, it’s great.

  6. How has NO ONE said anything about the color yet? I am IN LOVE with that color green!! I have a bag that color, super versatile. Use it in the best of health 🙂

  7. it’s VERY cute!

    i bought a vintage suitcase a few years ago, and i have it out in my garage (for my garage sale tomorrow), but now i might have to bring it in and actually use it! what was I thinking???

  8. I love the suitcase. I am always on the lookout for a cute one when I am in antique/thrift shops but never seem to come across anything good.

  9. Hi Terri,
    I would like to know where did you find this vintage suitcase? I used to have on but it was destroyed. Thanks Rhonda

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