Vintage Pillowcases

I was recently commissioned to make a set of pillowcases using vintage fabrics.

There were not to be just any ordinary pillowcases.

Pillowcases with a gusset and piping on the top and bottom.

Pillowcases with a patchwork top and bottom.

Pillowcases with zippers on one end.

It was a good thing I had helpers.

These pillowcases were a lot of work, measuring, cutting around the stains to have enough pieces to fit back together, sewing together different blends of fabrics, and assembling to satisfy the customer’s request.

 I have been doing a lot of pretty easy sewing these days, so I loved the challenge of figuring out how to make these based on the specifications, and learning to work with vintage fabrics for the first time.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Pillowcases

  1. These are really lovely! I hope you made notes so you can do it twice as fast the next time. 🙂 Love the first cat photo. What a cutie!

  2. Hi Terri! Nice to see your beautiful cats helping with your sewing and keeping you company! Those pillow cases are wonderful! All the details you have made are so perfect!
    Merry Christmas to you! x Teje

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