Art Cards – Week 50 – Make and Give

My time last week was filled with working a big commissioned sewing project and making gifts, so I thought it would be fun to illustrate my sewing machine and a stack of presents.

I spent a majority of my days at the sewing machine. (BTW, my sewing machine isn’t really orange. It’s just a fun color to illustrate with.)

It felt great to get so much accomplished, especially the week before Christmas.

Thanks to Michelle for the awesome glitter pens! They worked perfectly to make my gift illustrations shine and shimmer.

I’m not quite caught up on shopping for and wrapping all the gifts we are giving, so I have a little more work to do this week.

Stop by our Flickr group to see the art Michelle and Sandra have been creating over the past year. Only a couple sets of cards left to make!

2 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 50 – Make and Give

  1. A orange sewing machine would be pretty col though! They should make that option on a sewing machine–he,he,he.

    Isn’t it funny that we buy our pets gifts too! They are a part of the family:)

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