December Garden

No, there’s no gardening happening in December around here.

All of our plants have gone dormant for the winter.

Who would have thought I would find a couple varieties of moss still alive in December!

I still like to explore and see what’s going on out there in our little ecosystem.

How ironic to wake up to fresh snow on the first day of winter!
I admit I have been loving these mild days, but it will be nice to have white Christmas and some snow this winter. Happy Winter Solstice!

8 thoughts on “December Garden

  1. Hi Terri! Even I don’t like so much cold and snow, I think it’s wonderful for the Christmas time! We have done some gardening because in summer time it’s to hot and today it begin to rain so the garden feels good!
    Merry Christmas from Greece! xxx Teje

  2. i can’t remember the last Christmas without snow!!
    I got your package yesterday…or maybe the day before…I put it under the tree to open on Christmas morning! thanks again!!

  3. Merry Christmas Terri! That first photo looks like it was taken in the fall. I hope the weather is a little more mild for you this year, I know you had a cold snowy winter last year.

    1. Thanks Kim! I took that first photo yesterday, the day before the first day of winter. And then, overnight, we got a fresh dusting of snow! We’ve only had 2-3 dustings of snow so far this winter, quite a difference from last year. Merry Christmas to you too!

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