A Package From A Friend

I received this package recently from a friend. The envelope didn’t have a return address, but I had an idea who it came from when I looked at the postmark. I know my sewing readers and fabric hoarders out there will appreciate this package.

I had forgotten she offered to share some of her Flea Market Fancy fabric scraps with me. I never bought any of those fabrics the first time they came out, so she was kind enough to share some from her stash. I love the flat, soft colors in this collection, and the simple, whimsical designs. They make me think of gardening and summer days. Some of these prints work well as basics, enhancing a variety of solids and other prints, so it will be fun to incorporate these pieces in a project with more fabrics from my stash. I’m hoping to get a few fat quarters when the second round comes available. Thanks, friend!

9 thoughts on “A Package From A Friend

  1. Those are really pretty fabrics – I can see you having lots of fun with them. Surprise packages are the nicest, especially the fun of working out who they were from! Enjoy, and happy Sunday x

  2. Hi Terri! What a wonderful present! I love those fabrics! And the ‘second round’ looks also lovely!
    Have a great week! x Teje

  3. That’s a pretty awesome surprise gift! What a great friend! I love those fabrics. I haven’t seen them before! I’ll be interested to see when the next ones come out, too! Keep me posted. I feel like I miss stuff like this sometimes!

  4. Hello Terri,

    Oh you will be making something beautiful from these fabrics. Lucy just saw your cat on your blog and said “So cute”.
    Glad your operations in the family went well.
    Have a great week.

  5. I am so behind on blog reading. I am glad you liked the package! I figured they would have a better home with someone else than sitting on my shelf for 3 more years. 🙂

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