Sketchbook Pages: Signs of Spring

One of the best parts about Spring is watching all the plants come back to life, since I live in a part of the world where vegetation goes dormant in the cold winter months.

I also love watching the birds come back to our neighborhood. Over the winter months, we still see cardinals and chickadees, but not many more varieties. It’s an exciting day when you spot your first robin of the season since it’s an indication spring is near. The mourning doves and grackles have returned early too. Great inspiration for a page in my sketchbook!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love daisies. They are such a cheerful flower, so I’ve been collecting a variety of daisy seed packets and plant tags for sketchbook inspiration. I know they aren’t a spring flower, but I had fun illustrating a little doodle anyway.

I have been doing a lot of painting for my color media class this semester, so I haven’t spent much time playing in my sketchbook. It felt great to mess up a page full of Easter-colored graffiti in preparation for my April calendar.

I ended up covering up some of the graffiti with the squares for the days of the week but I love the layered look. Note to self: definitely want to try more graffiti art in my sketchbook!

I had forgotten how much I like to experiment and play in my sketchbook. It was awesome to create without any pressure or deadlines. Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages: Signs of Spring

  1. really liking the background for the calendar..everything goes together really well..also the borders you have added to the daisies

  2. The grackles are such noisy things, but they’re really pretty birds. Your paintings are awesome! I love the calendar again, too:)

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