Garden Update: Fresh Colors

One of the main reasons Spring is my favorite season is because there are so many beautiful colors coming alive these days!

Our trees are blooming like crazy.

I always think they look like a big bouquet in the backyard.

And I love to look at the flowers close up, to see the individual shapes of each petal and the little details inside.

The leaves are starting to spring out of the buds on the trees, which really fills in our yard, giving us a lot more privacy.

Our daffodils continue to bloom, and I keep finding more tulips opening. I always wish we had more clusters of tulips, so someone remind me in fall to plant more.

Our yellow woodland poppies are growing like crazy. They are tucked into a back corner on the West side of our house. Since our backyard is fenced in, you have to make an extra effort to walk on that side of the house to check on things. These plants spread, so I have to keep up on them regularly.

Our bleeding hearts are just starting to bloom. They are such a magical plant, aren’t they! True of many things in nature, something this beautiful has a trick up its sleeve: don’t touch them barehanded or you will get a rash.

We had a wicked thunderstorm over the weekend, which really brightened up the outdoors. I am looking forward to another week of new growth and surprises in our gardens. Soon, any chance for frost will be behind us for the year, and then gardening season will officially begin. I can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “Garden Update: Fresh Colors

  1. Yes all the details are so lovely to look at over and over again. My favorite as well. I was going to get our Yoshino Cherry trees pruned,but I guess we have to wait until October to do them. They are a year old and there are lots of suckers coming out at the bottom. They are going to needs lots of trimming by October I think.
    I love your flowering trees:)

  2. How beautiful! I always love looking at your garden and flower pictures 🙂 I haven’t gotten out to take flower pictures yet and I’m afraid I may have missed my window. Oh well! I can’t believe you’ve got woodland poppies! My hubby just brought one home from the nursery and it got planted in the garden YESTERDAY!

  3. It is nice to see pretty things like this. Our poor little area of TX is so desolate & starved for water that nothing is doing well. Even the grass is losing the battle. 😦

  4. Your yard looks so beautiful! The blooms on the trees really add a lot of vibrant color! What a wonderful, sunny day! We are suppose to get some really warm and sunny weather this weekend, I can’t wait! Enjoy!

  5. Hello Terri,

    I just love Spring flowered trees. The bees must be having a wonderful time in your garden.
    Thanks for sharing

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