Thankful Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday! At the end of the work week, I like to take a moment to share the things I’m thankful for from the past week as a way to appreciate the big things and the small things.

1. I am thankful my spring semester is over! I got all As, by the way!!! I am especially thankful for all your wonderful comments on my final projects for Color, Web and Type.

2. I am thankful one of my classmates invited me to her party to celebrate her graduation from our graphic design program. I don’t get out much, so it was fun to eat pizza from the grill, drink sangria, sit outside with a campfire and chat with friends.

3.  I am thankful our weather has been sunny and gorgeous all week. Perfect timing!

4. I am thankful to have a few days off before my interim class starts (next week Tuesday).

5. I am thankful the previous owners of our house planted alliums. They are such a beautiful flower, but the bulbs are so expensive. (they are at least the size of a softball)

6. I am thankful I got our garden planted. We’re keeping it simple this year with tomatoes, peppers, and some new strawberry plants. I might add to it if I can find more veggie plants.

7. I am thankful for the wonderful fabric stash I have accumulated over the years. I’m pleased to report it’s now organized by color, which is so refreshing.

8. I am thankful for the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream my husband brought home from the grocery store.

9. I am thankful for the small Fiskars stick rotary cutter and cutting matt I have, which have come in handy for a couple paper projects I have brewing.

10. I am thankful for all the cereal boxes I’ve saved lately. They came in handy for above-mentioned paper projects.

Hope you have a few things to be thankful for this week.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. Congratulations on the wonderful grades, I know you worked incredibly hard to get them too! Well deserved!

    The alliums are spectacular! Thanks so much for reminding us (especially by the end of the week! lol!) that there is much to be thank for, big things, and small as well!

  2. Well done Terri, your work this year has been nothing short of amazing. Love th photo of the Allium. I don’t think we can get those here in WA, quarantine restrictions, they must breed too much or something. I know in the plant catalogues it says not to WA.
    Good luck with your new classes and enjoy that garden and ice=cream.

    happy days.

  3. Happy weekend Terri! Another wonderful week to reflect and be thankful for. Congratulations again on all of your achievements this year and enjoy that glorious weather before class starts again. This morning I renamed Great Britain – Grey Britain as we are under a more or less constant blanket of cloud – come on Summer, where the heck are you?!? Many hugs xxxx

  4. 🙂 These flowers are so beautiful!!!!
    Glad to read you had fun with your friends and your husband’s awesome. Ben&Jerrys ice cream is so addictive…. even though I’m kinda lactose intolerant lol.

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