From My Idea File: Drawing Tool Kits

As many of my sewing readers know, sewing notions and tools are important to someone who is passionate about sewing. The right combination of pencils, erasers and marking tools are vital to an artist, especially a beginning artist like me. Having your notions and tools organized can be even more vital to your creativity and productivity!

Over the past few semesters of graphic design and illustration classes, I’ve put together the perfect art toolkit for drawing and illustration.

Artbin storage box. The perfect size for me is this 4-inch wide by 10-inch tall box. (they make a great selection of storage solutions for art and craft supplies)

-Mechanical Pencil

-Ballpoint pen

-Erasers: pink, white and kneaded

-Set of graphite pencils in 2B, HB, 6H hardness/softness

-Verithin pencil

-Charcoal pencils in black and white

-Razer blades (for sharpening the charcoal pencils)

-Colored pencils: red, blue, green purple, and white

-Pencil sharpener

-Exacto knife and extra blades

-Sharpie marker, fine tip on one end and regular tip on the other end

I have two more art bins for more specific projects. In a separate art bin, I keep my charcoal supplies because they can be very messy. It holds my charcoal sticks, charcoal pencils, an Exacto knife for sharpening, and various erasers (which used to be white).

My other art bin holds my pastel supplies for doing heightened drawings like this and this, pastel pencils, erasers and a sharpener.

I also have a great mesh pouch I use for my brushes. I like this mesh material on the front side because it helps the brushes breath and air dry after I’ve washed them.

The only things that don’t fit into these kits are a metal ruler, which I carry separately, and a scissors, but I have an Exacto knife, so I don’t really need a scissors.

I work in different areas of our house and backyard, and I’m back and forth to campus everyday, so it helps to keep things organized. I love being able to just grab a sketchbook and one of these little drawing kits, knowing they hold all the basic supplies I may need.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “From My Idea File: Drawing Tool Kits

    1. Being organized is especially awesome when you have as much going on as I do (on little sleep), especially these days! I’ve actually seen a lot of my fellow students carry what looks like a tackle box. The problem with a real tackle box is you don’t always have the flexibility to change or remove the compartments, and you need some that are long enough to hold pens, pencils and brushes.

      ~explore. dream. discover.~

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