Seeking Inspiration – New Magazines

I went magazine shopping recently, looking for some fresh inspiration. I found a few new magazines that spoke to me, so I wanted to share them with you.

Mollie Makes – living & loving handmade.

The issue I bought has projects for making crochet bangles (I’m actually working on making these), a professional looking iPad case, a princess doll with matching bedding, and creative inspiration from Berlin, New Zealand and Cardiff. Such a charming magazine!

Cloth – design it. make it. wear it. love it.

The issue I bought is full of inspiration, from shopping in New York City for your next sewing project, to instructions for making curtains with pockets (clever!), to instructions for making fun summer clothes.

Stitch Craft Create – celebrating a creative lifestyle.

The issue I bought has projects for making crochet mug mats, a birdie appliquéd pillow, a trio of mini quilts, and adorable buntings for summer decorating. Another wonderfully charming magazine!

Uppercase – for the creative and curious.

I actually have a subscription to this magazine. Their content is primarily based on graphic design, illustration and crafting, but they also have a wide variety of articles about artists and their creative spaces, inspiration, recipes and project ideas.

It’s always fun discovering magazines that are new to me, and full of fresh, creative people and ideas. I really liked each of these magazines, so I will definitely buy them again. I don’t make projects from patterns or featured in magazines very often, but each of these issues has a project I want to try. They are also good eye candy when I need a little boost.

Do you have any favorite magazines?

Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Seeking Inspiration – New Magazines

  1. I love Mollie Makes, I’ve picked this one up a couple of times! The others are new to me, I’ll have to check them out. New magazines are a way that I use for inspiration as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stitch is a fun magazine, but at $15.00/issue, I have to wait for the next issue to come out–then they half the price of the one I want and I can download the pdf. Modern Quilting, I think it’s called, is another nice one, along with Generation Q, now in print form, but both ath $10/issue makes them pretty pricey. When did magazines get so expensive? I was looking the other way 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Ivy! I have looked at Stitch, Modern Quilting, and Generation Q, all good quilting magazines. I’ve been in the mood to expand my creativity beyond just quilting, so it was fun to discover some magazines with a wider variety of inspiration.

  3. I usually shy away from purchasing them and look at them at Joanns and then put it back. Go home and read blogs for inspiration!

  4. Oh FUN! I love finding new magazines. My current fav’s are the Somerset ones, about studios or blogging. They are soooo expensive so I don’t let myself indulge very often. My art isn’t anything like what I see in their pages, but the gorgeous images make me giggle with joy.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I forgot that I love those Somerset magazines too. They are expensive so I don’t buy every issue. My favorite is Art Journaling, which is so inspiring. At least we can strive to make art almost as beautiful as what they feature.

  5. Hello Terri,

    I have far too many magazines, I haven’t bought any since late last year. Now I borrow them from the library, need some room in the sewing room! They can be so inspiring and uplifting, nothing like sitting down for a cuppa and a read. Good luck with your projects you have planned from the mag’s.

    Happy days.

    1. I try to throw away magazines after a couple months so they don’t stack up, since I can’t handle paperwork clutter. I wish our library had a better selection of magazines.So far, the crochet mug mats and bangles are going very well! Fun to re-teach myself crochet again.

  6. I love Molly Makes. I don’t have that newest issue though. I’ll have to go get it. They always have so many cute ideas. I picked up Stitch, Create…whatever also. That one was new to me as well. I agree. It was really chock full of inspiration! I want to dye some yarn/wool now! 😉

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