Sketchbook Update: Flowers and Graffiti

Since my spring, interim and summer semesters ended at the end of June, I have been wanting to get back to my sketchbook. As usual, for these pages, I had a lot of fun laying down a pencil sketch, painting watercolor, and adding details and highlights and shadows with colored pencils.

Page of Impatiens

Page of Woodland Poppies

Page of Graffiti / Abstract Doodles. This page forced me to think outside the box because my brain doesn’t do as well with abstract versus realistic and representational imagery. But it was fun and I love the results.

August. This page was going to be my calendar for August, but every time I set out to design a background for my calendar page, I end up liking the background too much to cover it up with tiles for the days of the week. I really love how this page of leaves turned out! When I was thinking of the month of August, I was thinking it’s probably the last month all the leaves are still green, before Fall weather sets in and the leaves start to turn color.

I decided to change my calendar pages to just an image I have in mind for that month. I don’t need to keep a diary of everything I do each day. I would rather create a page representing that month than cut and paste all those squares for each day.

I’ve missed the time to experiment in my sketchbook, so I’m hoping to make this part of my routine again, at least until my classes start up again at the end of August. I have three more pages drawn out and ready for painting and line drawing. This is truly one of those activities where I lose track of time, while drawing and painting and designing as I go, trying to capture the image in my mind. Hope I’ve inspired you on your visit here today.

5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Update: Flowers and Graffiti

  1. The very last pic of the leaves reminds me of WI so much especially those brown seed propeller looking things (hope you know what I mean-lol) those were all over the sidewalks in front of my house.

    Your drawings have so much depth which makes them really great:)

  2. Love all of your journal pages from the flowers, to the abstract to the leaves! It is an activity you can loose yourself in isn’t it. Love your idea for doing a page to represent each month rather than keeping a ‘written diary’ as such….

    Lovely to see inside your sketchbook again.

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