A Favorite Place for Inspiration

One of my favorite things to do is sit in our backyard and watch and listen to nature.

These days we have robins, cardinals, chickadees, yellow finches, and house finches hanging around, along with a few types of butterflies, cabbage whites, sulphurs, monarchs and swallowtails passing through.

We also have lots of chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits digging, gathering and munching.

I have a few favorite places I like to go for inspiration, including the botanical gardens, the farmers market, the lake and beach, and hiking trails, but I am lucky to have such a fabulous backyard sanctuary to relax and soak up some fresh air and fresh inspiration.

I also like to collect things along the way to save for experimenting in my sketchbook. Here’s an example of a few things I picked up over the weekend that I put together in my sketchbook:

If you’re feeling stressed or running low on fresh ideas, do you have a favorite place (or two) you like to go to relax and be inspired?

Thanks for stopping by!


  • Your yard looks like a park! I would love to spend some time there. With you, of course! When it’s not too hot, I love sitting on the porch of Periwinkle Cottage (aka the storage shed….)

    • Thanks Cindy! That was our goal when we were planting, to make our yard look like a park. It helps that we found 2 sets of benches on the curb before trash day. There are pockets I’d like to spruce up even more, but it’s always a work-in-progress. Nice to hear about your little spot to relax!

  • You have such a beautiful backyard…I can see why it’s so inspiring!

  • Your yard is always lovely! It looks so relaxing and welcoming, a great place to find some peaceful refuge!

  • c0nsistentlyinc0nsistent

    I love your backyard Terri – it’s so spacious and relaxing – a great place to go and watch nature around you. I love that it looks like you could stroll around it, stopping to look at the plants in more detail or sit on the lawn and just take in the bigger picture. Perfect!

    I don’t have one place I go for inspiration – much like you I find it in lots of different places and in lots of different activities.

    • Thank you! I do like strolling around our yard, looking for shapes and colors and textures. I don’t mean to sound greedy but I often think it would be cool to have a hiking trail around our backyard, which would require a few more trees and a path. For now, I’ll work on the path 😉

  • Such a dreamy..peaceful place to be and it all greened up nicely again:)

  • Pretty neat. I like your back yard, Terri. I don’t really have a “happy place.” I guess I should put that on my list of things to do! 🙂

  • love your backyard!
    I’m always inspired by new places…doesn’t have to be far, it could just be a walk on a trail I’ve never taken before, or walking through one of the many little towns around me

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