Fall Season Favorites

It seems like so many people say Autumn is their favorite season. It really is a great season, isn’t it.

I love to go leaf combing, and pick up acorns too.

There are so many vibrant colors coming out, from leaves on the trees and on the ground to pumpkins peppers mums and asters.

I love to go hiking again, after a hiatus during the hot, buggy summer months.

I love how quiet things get. Life is still busy, but it has gotten cold at night, so we’ve closed all our windows. Many birds have begun their migration, so it’s really peaceful feeling.

I’ve been finding some great fall nature-related craft projects lately.

It feels cozy to wear wool socks again and layer long-sleeved shirts and sweaters.

It’s a great time to make chili or stew in the crock pot. Yum!

It’s apple season, and I adore apple crisp and homemade chunky applesauce, especially when my mom makes it.

Halloween is such a fun holiday, with the costumes, candy, decorations, pumpkin carving and scary movies.

What do you love about Autumn?

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Fall Season Favorites

  1. Hello Terrii,

    Sounds like your are fitting right into Autumn after your hot Summer. I think your birds have come to us!!! Have fun out hiking.

    Happy days.

  2. Terri, I love your description of Autumn. We don’t get much of that here…maybe a day or two of cooler weather…so I am living vicariously through you. Also admire all your farmer’s market photos. What an abundance of color!

  3. I think that early autumn is my favorite. The cool crisp morning, and the nice comfortable afternoons. Being able to cook some of those comfort foods, like pots of beans and soup with crusty bread, and the changing of the leaf colors all make me envision the warmth and comfort of home.

  4. Summer hasn’t quite given up it’s hold here, but I love the shorter days and cooler evenings! The turning leaves in your photo are beautiful.

  5. Fall is my favorite season, even though we don’t get much of the beauty of it in South Georgia. But it is a little cooler, which I love after a summer of heat and humidity 😉 My favorite things…football, football, football…college and NFL. Can’t get enough. And lots of Taco Soup…my family can’t stand my chili!!

  6. Great post – I just think there’s a certain magic in the air in auturmn – plus I love root veg soups and walking through the woods with trees of vibrant leaves.

  7. I hate Autumn, Terri. lol You don’t know how to dress, the weather’s very unpredictable where I live. And it’s WAY too calm because there are less tourists… Soooo… I love Halloween but here it’s just not the same… No pumpkins, no “trick or treat”… I wish I could celebrate it in the US!! I’m sorry I’m not optimistic today Ahah
    Love the picture though!

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