Thankful Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday. That means it’s time to take a moment to appreciate the big things and the small things I’m thankful for from the past week.

maple tree buds

1. I am thankful there’s only 2 days left in the semester.

2. I am thankful I ran into a few old friends at the Portfolio show earlier this week.

3. I am thankful I got to try a little letterpress printing twice this week.

4. I am thankful for the free pizza from the art club at school.

5. I am thankful to the graduating portfolio students for their advice on how to get ready for it and get through it.

6. I am thankful for the new and improved garden we have. I converted our former raised vegetable garden to a butterfly garden with new plants that will hopefully attract butterflies.

7. I am thankful for the new blackberry bushes I found at the garden center. I planted them right next to my existing raspberry patch.

8. I am thankful to see buds on all our trees.

9. I am thankful for Sunday night movies and  popcorn.

10. I am thankful for my Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all my family and friends.

Hope you had a good week, and enjoy a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. Oh I would really treasure a butterfly garden! Have fun with it! Ayden loves chasing butterflies in our yard!

    1. I’m so excited to see what happens. I have a park bench in front of it so I can watch. Even if it doesn’t attract a lot of butterflies, it’s still going to be nice to enjoy the flowers.

  2. Butterflies, free pizza, friends you have had a lovely week Terri, Enjoy Sunday with your Mum if she is close by.

    Happy creating.

  3. Sounds like a great week for you! Yay, almost done with the semester! I am thankful for the warm spring days that make it wonderful for planting my garden! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Well, I”m late again. I love that you got to try letterpress twice! Cool! I’m thankful for the few warm days we had before it got cooooold again. I was in WI over the weekend, and I know you had coooold as well! I’m thankful for my mom and for wonderful inlaws. Thankful for Elsa’s sense of humor!

    1. Thanks Vicki! I’m way more excited for the butterfly garden than I was a vegetable garden. We do get hummingbirds, which are attracted to our big wiegelia shrubs. But I forgot, they might like the plants in the new butterfly garden too. Fun!

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