A Garden Tour: Spring is Here

What a difference sunshine and warmer temperatures make in our yard and our moods.


Here’s what our yard looked like just a few months ago… buried in snow.

winter in our yard 2013

Spring arrived a little late, so we are excited to finally see things come back to life these days.




Here’s my favorite spot to sit and daydream. It just needs some cushions, a sketchbook, and a cocktail.IMG_2098

Here’s my favorite view from my favorite spot. It’s fun to listen and watch the birds, bunnies and squirrels busy themselves with the things animals do.


Every time I take pictures in our yard and get ready to post them, things change so quickly. I will have more updates of some close-ups to share with you. Thanks for stopping by.


9 thoughts on “A Garden Tour: Spring is Here

  1. Yeay for spring and warmer weather. Yeay for new growth and greenery.

    Your garden is looking beautiful. I love the view from your favourite spot. I too could while away the hours watching the animals at play and the garden coming back to life.

    Happy days after the long, hard winter.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! That was one of our missions, to make our backyard feel like a park. We found 2 different sets of park benches on someone’s curb for trash day, so we brought them home with us. Lucky find!

  2. Hello Terri,

    It looks like someone has turned on the light in your garden. enjoy that stitching spot and I can see bulbs ready to flower.

    Happy days.

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