Field Trip: Exploring at Farmers Market

Sometimes my blog content is dictated by the pictures I’ve taken lately. I never remember to take pictures of us or the group we’re with, which would be nice to share with you sometime. Instead, my focus was on the hunt for more creative shots.

Last weekend, we had a wonderful time at the farmers market with my in-laws, who were visiting from NYC for the week. There’s always lots of bakery, meats, and cheese, but this time of year we found raspberries, beans, beets, cauliflower, and salad greens. I hear sweet corn and cherries should be ready soon.

A tower of wax beans

tower of wax beans

Some of the most lovely flower combinations I’ve seen, with this variety that looks hand-painted or tye-dyed

pink and yellow flowers

Flowers displayed in some cool wood crates (which I have a hard time finding)

flowers in a crate

Lilies, favorites for my sister-in-law

lilies in a crate

It was great to see how well the community garden is thriving these days.

capitol community garden

We stopped by the Children’s Museum, since it’s right next to the market, so everyone could get a sneak peak at one of my internships this summer. Dave relaxed on one of the dinosaur seats in the lobby.

Dave on a dinosaur

Life is crazy busy these days with all my graphic design gigs, which is a good thing. But it’s really great to have some down time to go out exploring. I’m already looking forward to exploring at the annual Art Fair on the Square around the Capitol Square next weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Field Trip: Exploring at Farmers Market

  1. great photos – lovely vibrant colours. I do love people pictures too though – capturing moments of life and the folks who you share yours with. Dave looks quite relaxed in that dino chair and its great that your family could visit and see where you are interning.

    1. I’m learning more and more through my graphic design classes and internships that people really, really like to see pictures of people. So I need to work on that. Capturing moments of life really is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It’s one of the best markets I’ve ever been to. Some people around here don’t like to go to it because it’s really crowded. In some places, you just have to shuffle along with the crowd until you see something you want to get a closer look at or buy. Would be great fun for you to meet Dave someday!

  2. You have a wonderful farmer’s market there! It looks like everything is displayed so well, that it’s hard to resist the temptation! Beautiful flowers!

    Looks like you had a great time with your in-laws! Take care.

  3. Just beautiful! I haven’t checked out any farmer’s markets yet this summer. Might be a good thing to do today:)

    1. Thanks Vicki! Hope you get a chance to check out a market this summer. Today is our big art fair around the capitol square, so we’re skipping the farmers market.

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