Saturday Adventures: Farmers Market

We went to farmers market this weekend for the first time in about a month. It was really crowded so we didn’t buy much – a donut, monster cookies from an Amish family, a small bag of kettle corn, and a pepper plant for our kitchen.

pepper plant

community garden

late summer flowers

late summer bouquets



Saturday is my favorite day of the week, so I love it when we go out exploring, especially into the urban neighborhoods. It was a beautiful day, so after farmers market, we had an early lunch and sat at the sidewalk tables for a couple hours, talking and people-watching.

brunch from Ian's pizza

On Sunday, I had a wonderful chat with my cousin, which turned into a great brainstorming conversation, venting session, and general catching up. I spent the rest of the day working on a new illustrated map for work. I’m really into maps and designing them, so this is a great project for me. I have to design a map that will showcase the neighborhood and community around an upscale apartment building.

map of middleton

Finding the right map source for reference (such as the above example), getting the perspective, grid of streets and major landmarks are usually the hardest steps for me. Once that is done, I can work on the fun stuff – the illustrations and icons. Since this map needs to feature things to do in the community, my next step is to design some icons as markers.

Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by,


4 thoughts on “Saturday Adventures: Farmers Market

  1. Look at those flowers, so fresh. That pizza looks rather yummy. People watching is a lot of fun. The map work sounds just so perfect for you, enjoy it.

    Happy days.

    1. Thanks so much, Bev! It really was fabulous to see all those beautiful flowers at the farmers market. I love it when we start to see more fall flowers because the variety and colors are so vibrant.

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