Friday Favorite – Bento Box

I have been trying to pack something different for lunch besides the usual, boring sandwich. I used to love sandwiches, but I’m getting really tired of that routine. We’ve been experimenting with different kinds of bread, but I don’t eat wheat, tortilla wraps or pita pockets, so that eliminates a lot of interesting breads.

Instead, I’m trying to pack more fresh food, like hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fruit and sliced veggies. I always feel better when I eat more fresh food and less processed, packaged food.

Bento Box

I need a Bento box.


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – Bento Box

  1. I always feel better when I eat healthy too…less bogged down. If I eat fast food for lunch it totally throws me off the rest of the day.

    My son can eat Pb & J for his school lunch every day:) I have to switch it up with soup, salad or sandwich once in awhile.

    Hard boiled eggs are definitely a go to for me these days and I usually have 1/2 doz all ready to go in the fridge.

    Enjoy your bento box if you get one:)

    1. Great to hear we think alike, Sara! I used to love eating the same sandwich for lunch every day, but not so much anymore. I hardly ever eat fast food, except salads. I’m hoping to get a bento box for my birthday or Christmas.

  2. Jack and Eleisha would like a bento box – they are both into Japanese food and love Sushi – hope you get one from your Christmas wish list. A change does you good now and again.

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