Sketchbook Pages: Make Some Marks!

It’s been SO long since I spent any time in my sketchbook, and I’ve been missing the freedom to experiment, draw, paint and just doodle.

It must have been the rare sunshine we had on Sunday that inspired me. After going for an afternoon walk to soak up some vitamin C, I dug out all my sketchbook supplies and just started making marks, abstract paint strokes.

making marks

Once the pages are dry, I’m planning to go back and fill in the images with black pens. I don’t know if they will be images or backgrounds for hand-lettering. Whatever speaks to me.

abstract postcardFor these pages, I had a few words in mind: wind, cityscape, zebra stripes, and cheetah spots. Coming up words or themes as prompts really gets the creative juices flowing for me.

asbstract paint strokes

blue zebra strokes

green cheetah spots

I’m hoping to make a new habit of spending time on Sundays making marks in my sketchbook. The simple goal is to make some marks but eventually I would like to get back to illustrating again with traditional art mediums, from graphite pencils to pens to watercolor crayons.


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages: Make Some Marks!

    1. Thanks Jennie. I added more color last night to the white backgrounds. Next up will be filling in the pages with pens. It’s fun dreaming up a story for each page.

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