Field Notes: Farmers Market

It was cool to see the US Postal Service at the Saturday farmers market with a display of artwork celebrating American farmers markets on its farmers market office display at farmers marketpost office artwork at farmers marketAs usual for the middle of summer, there’s always lots of bakery, produce, plants and flowers to see at the market, as well as great people-watching while sipping an iced coffee.

flowers at farmers market

flowers at farmers market

sunflowers at farmers market flowers at farmers marketsunflower at farmers marketfresh veggies  at farmers market

Hope you’re making time to go outside and enjoy summer!



2 thoughts on “Field Notes: Farmers Market

  1. What a great stamp display for the Farmer’s Market!! Now that I am back home in Florida, I must say it’s too hot to go outside and enjoy the summer ;-)) I am enjoying being inside though and listening to the rain….great book reading weather.

    1. Thanks Rene’. We’ve been pretty lucky with weather on weekends so we could enjoy the farmers market and bike trails. But now it’s hot and muggy so I’m staying indoors more too. Enjoy the rain!

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