Art Cards – Week 24 – A Trail and A Cousin

For the first time in awhile, I managed to keep busy and on-task last week, thanks to the to-do list I made. Since it works well for me, that will be my new weekly routine, to make a list on Sunday night of the things I need to accomplish for the week.

One day last week, I made a spontaneous decision to go for a long bike ride. It was one of the highlights of my week, so I thought it was good inspiration for my first art card, which turned out to be a dreamy image of a trail with a cool quote I found.

At the end of the week, I went to visit my cousin Kim who has been going through some difficult times. It was really great spending the afternoon with her and my mom. We are the same age and were the closest of friends growing up, like sisters. We still remain close, but live farther apart these days, so we don’t get to see each other as often. I thought it would be fun to use an old photo of us from our high school graduation party to illustrate side 2 of my card, which turned out to be a goofy little image of us.

Check out the art my creative buddies Michelle and Sandra have been adding to our Flickr group – I love seeing our variety of styles, inspirations and techniques.

Here’s to another productive week!

2 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 24 – A Trail and A Cousin

  1. To-do lists can really help you sort your mind and stay focused on what it was that you intended to do. How great are your art cards – that’s some pretty 80’s outfits you had on there! So lovely that you got to spend time with your Mom and cousin and also find the time to hit the trail.

    1. Thanks, Shell! I seem to have accumulated lots of journal-type notebooks around here, many of them with lined paper and pretty covers, like a couple of these from Anna Maria Horner’s shop at So I decided to use one of them to write my weekly to-do list, which works really well. If I’m feeling a moment of procrastination or anxiety, I just refer to my to-do notebook.It was a real treat getting to go on that bike ride, and spending the day with my mom and my cousin Kim, so I figured I really should capture those moments in my art cards for last week. Yes, we graduated from high school in 1986, so those are definitely wild and crazy ’80s outfits we were wearing!

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