A July Garden Update

Late July is a great time to sit back and enjoy all the hard work we put into our gardens in spring and over the years.  I haven’t been spending much time in our gardens lately because I just don’t feel like pulling anymore weeds and there are too many mosquitos out there after dinner.

Our coneflower garden is still growing like crazy.

a pink coneflower

Some of our annuals are still doing well too, like the dahlias.

red dahliasI’ve always loved cosmos and wish I had more of these this year.

purple cosmos

A couple years ago, my mom gave us a bunch of lilies which we scattered throughout our yard. I don’t know how many we have now, but they get bigger every year.

We have pink ones,

a pink lily

yellow ones,

a yellow lily

red ones,

red lilies

purple ones,

purple lilies

and other colors too.

white lilies

I had white lilies and white roses in my wedding bouquet so naturally, I love lilies. They are such a low maintenance plant yet they give so much color to the garden this time of year.

Hope you enjoy a lovely Friday!

6 thoughts on “A July Garden Update

  1. All the glorious color in your garden makes me more than a little nostalgic for Spring. I’m going to have to work hard to find the beauty in Winter after this particularily gorgeous Summer!

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