Quilt-Along Progress

I finally got all my fabric strips pieced, pressed and cut for Week 4 of the quilt along.  I think these Mod Girls fabrics look so summery!

strip pieced blocksI ended up with about 48 blocks, so I’m experimenting with the layout.

6x8 layout

I’m debating on 6 blocks across by 7 down or 6 blocks across by 8 down. I am leaning toward the bigger size because it would be nice to have a larger quilt for our bed. So far, I love how this is turning out!

9 thoughts on “Quilt-Along Progress

  1. So pretty! I do love those fabrics. You ended up with quite a few more blocks than I did. I only had 39 and was limited to the 6X6. I think the larger quilt top will be nice!

  2. So, so great in pastels! I did this in an Autumn colorway and have yet to choose a way to quilt it. I look forward to seeing all the different ways in which this is finished; everyone’s creativity gives me courage!! Thank you so much for the frequent updates!

  3. Those are gorgeous selection of fabrics! Your working on it so fast. Im still trying to sew my pieces together. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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