Another Day at the Market

You know me, I love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. June is such a great time at the market because strawberries – my favorite food – are in season!

strawberries at marketI only bought three quarts this time – two quarts to freeze for smoothies in winter and one quarter to eat now.

We saw lots and lots of sugar snap peas,

sugar snap peas at marketand beautiful heads of lettuce.

lettuce at marketI don’t like radishes, but I thought this pile was pretty. I’ve never seen radishes that were a color other than red.

radishes at market

I almost forgot to show you the stack of pies for sale at the Amish booth. They make the best bakery!

stacks of Amish pies at market

Check out the gorgeous peony bouquets for sale.

peonies at marketThere always a fantabulous selection of flowers. (are these dahlias or mums?)

pink dahliaI don’t know what variety these are, but aren’t they cool?

red dahlia at marketI’m so happy it’s summer!


  • lisapeaceandlove

    Nature produces the best drama! I think huge, deep pink blooms just scream abundance and richness more than anything money can buy. And the fragrance! Can the Paris H.’s of this world possibly appreciate this? If they’re lucky!

  • I love going to farmers market too. Lovely photos and loving the natural colors! Have a merry happy weekend and love to you!

  • The flowers are beautiful! I wish the weather here was conducive to growing peony and dahlia I have to buy them at Costco! What a fun Saturday adventure.

  • I can’t say that I’ve ever been to a farmer’s market! Pretty pictures…the Peonies are my favorite.

  • What a fun thing to do! There’s nothing like being able to pick up fresh, local produce and flowers. Something that I miss here! Looks like a wonderful day…..

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