My friend Julie quit her day job several years ago to run her own machine quilting business. She used to be in corporate sales, but it’s been so long, I can’t even remember what she used to sell. Ever since she went out on her own, she has been so busy that you have to wait awhile to get your quilts back from her. I gave her three quilts in January, and got them back already a couple weeks ago.

First is my girly quilt, made from Ava Rose fabrics by Tanya Whelan.

I just wanted a simple meandering on this one because I like the look of the simple patchwork just the way it is.

The next quilt is one of the Christmas quilts I finished at the end of last year. I did simple patchwork piecing with a stack of charms.

After I attached the borders, I didn’t like it because the borders were simple solids in what felt like old-fashioned colors to me, not really my style. So I asked Julie to work her magic, which you can see she certainly did, especially in that green border.

Finally, another Christmas quilt in simple patchwork but with fabrics that I loved loved loved. The designs were cool, and the colors were rich, making this quilt feel warm and festive.

Her wicked quilting shows up better if I show you a photo of the back.

I didn’t think I would have enough time to finish these three quilt on my own, so I gave them to Julie, knowing she would make me proud. Doesn’t she do amazing work? I’m so excited to attach the binding and finish these beauties. I think they are destined to make gifts this year, which will be fun to give out.

16 thoughts on “Bindings

  1. Just beautiful Terri! Stitching the bindings is my favourite part of the process 🙂 Hope you get plenty of stitching time this weekend.

  2. Binding is quickly becoming my favorite part, all lazy-like on the couch! Beautiful quilts! I love all the detail in the quilting. I need to learn-there can never be too many long arm quilters, right?

  3. Your quilts look great! It’s amazing what quilting does for the quilts. Like they say, it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted. Your friend does really good work! Have fun putting on the binding, I have to say it’s not my favorite part. I do enjoy watching TV while I’m doing it. 🙂

  4. Oh they are beautiful Terri, the fabric in the first quilt is my favorite. The quilting is wonderful and what nice gifts they will make. Congrats for finishing them up. I have three quilts I need to bind.

  5. That quilting in the green border is exquisite. How nice to have 3 beautiful quilts with only binding left to do!

  6. Love those quilts. They always look so different after they are quilted. It will be nice to have the binding on them. Something you can do when a nice evening rolls around and you can enjoy the Spring weather, the quilt will help keep the chill off you while binding it and enjoying the outdoors.
    All of them are wonderful.

  7. Hi! What a great gift to yourself to pick all three up at once. I love quilts with simple designs~they’re all beautiful!

    Word is you midwesterners are starting to thaw~my aunt is here from Minneapolis~she doesn’t want to go home!

  8. The quilts all turned out beautiful. That’s awesome you have a friend that can quilt them for you. I need to find someone with that service so I can get my Good Folks quilt complete. 🙂

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