Quilting Retreat Projects

I am excited to have some fun quilting projects to share with you from my quilting retreat this past weekend!

I finally finished piecing my pinwheels quilt top. I love how Sis Boom fabrics, which I started piecing last fall. I love the way it turned out so I can’t wait to quilt it and snuggle up in it when our air conditioning gets too cold.

I also stippled two sets of patchwork that I’m going to use as bathroom rugs. I finally reached a point where I feel comfortable stippling and love the relaxation of free motion quilting.

One patchwork rug is for summer, and measures 18 inches tall by 31 inches wide, made from Sis Boom fabrics I cut into charm squares.

The other patchwork rug is for fall, measures 22 inches tall by 31 inches wide, and is made from Nature Walk fabrics.

I found these cool coffee prints while fabric shopping, so I had to make a mug rug and a 36-patch mini quilt that I’m going to use as a placemat.

I finally made a ticker tape wall hanging, which measures 16 inches wide by 18 inches tall. I LOVE THIS QUILT! Thank you to Amanda Jean for sharing your inventive and amazing idea with us! And thank you for sharing some of your snippets with me. If anyone has ever been tempted to try making one of these, go for it! It produces fabulous results and becomes addicting. You’ll never look at a tiny scrap the same again.

I also made a new maverick star wall hanging using Gwen Marston‘s liberated star block from fabrics I bought over the weekend. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, so this project was especially fun to dream up as I went along, getting feedback from my fellow quilting retreaters. I added a wide white border so it came out to a 34-inch square, which will make a nice wall hanging.

It felt great to be so productive at retreat, especially when there was so much talking and laughing going on!

24 thoughts on “Quilting Retreat Projects

  1. Thank you for sharing your projects!!

    The ticker tape quilt is MY favorite, too! I love how whimsical and colorful it is! Very sweet overall look to it. It’s fun to see so many different shapes and colors and patterns on one piece!

  2. Too cool! It appears that you all had some really productive fun ;o) and you shopped too! That could become addictive uh?

  3. I had seen pics of you all earlier on someones blog I had read. You all looked to be having fun. I keep telling my friends that is what we need to do. Just a little get a way plus get alot of sewing in. Love your quilts and your rugs. How clever.

  4. I don’t even know where to start! You know I love Sis Boom so the quilt is my favorite. The rugs are so clever and a very fun idea. (Love your sandal tan lines!) The red stars are awesome!! I’m overwhelmed by all your goodies:)

  5. I love looking at all the projects you worked on during the retreat. Sitting right across from you, I was absolutely amazed watching you FMQ. To use your words, you looked so relaxed!! I am still intimidated by FMQ, but hope to come to the point where I am that at ease with the process!

  6. Vow Terri, I love all your works! I remember those sweet pin wheels and they are going to be a beautiful quilt! Ticker tap – that’s fun name for a fun project – I think it’s time to try that my self, too! It seems that you had fun and great busy time with your sewing friends!
    Thanks for inspiration! xxx Teje

  7. How cool was that Terri a quilting retreat. I have a very old quilt that my husbands grandmother put together so many years ago by hand and I love it!! Your pieces are great love the ticker tape one!

  8. It was SO great seeing all these projects up close and personal. Such good friends and fabulous memories! I will definitely be doing Amanda’s ticker tape quilt AND hopefully give FMQ a try. You may have to hold my hand through the process.

  9. Wow, Terri, I knew you were being productive at the retreat, but seeing them all listed here is incredible…and you did so much after I left! Great pictures of them all! You’ll have to let me know how the bath rugs work out…love that idea! I found it interesting that several of us were working on pinwheels and stars. Fun fabrics you used in your ticker tape quilt.

  10. You were so productive, you were blowing my mind. Just great stuff. I love the idea of the bathroom rugs. What did you back them with so they won’t slide around? And can you give me the book reference for the liberated stars of Gwen Marston’s? I’d like to check it out. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I got a lot done, in spite of all the distractions around me. It felt great to have almost 3 solid days to sew away. I am going to buy some of that non-slip rug backing from Amazon to attach to the back of my patchwork rugs so they don’t slip around the linoleum flooring in my bathroom.

      Here is the link to Amazon for Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Quiltmaking II which has the maverick star in it:

      I think it’s a cool book, but you might want to look at it first before buying. The library might have it, or the local quilt store.

  11. Love each and every one of them – you were so productive! Thanks for sharing all of your inspirational projects – I’m looking forward to trying a few myself.

  12. DUDE! you got SO MUCH done. I am amazed! it was so fun to sew with you again at the retreat this year. i’m glad you didn’t back out at the last minute. just think what you would have missed!!!

  13. What a lot of sewing you managed to get done!..it’s all the wonderful color i love, my favorite is the Ticker tape……

  14. So many cool things! I still love those pinwheels, the ticker tape is precious and I’m totally jealous that you can stipple. I STILL stink at it and because of that I’m scared to “practice” on anything that I like and I don’t generally work on things that I don’t like so I’m back at the fact that I’m NOT a great stippler 😛

    The bathmats are great! did you just use regular batting or did you use a towel? I’ve been eying them since that bathmat tute started running rampant in blogland. I want to make some, but I’m worried about soggy batting on my bathroom floor. (Perhaps I’m just a paranoid worrier?)

    1. Thanks Joanna! When I wanted to get better at stippling, I made a couple quilt sandwiches using muslin so I wasn’t practicing on anything I liked. It freed my mind to realize it was purely practice. I could mess around with my machine settings without worrying about messing up an actual quilt project. Then I wrote down the settings that worked well, and keep that note in my sewing machine accessories bag. I used regular batting in my patchwork rugs. I’m planning to just put them over a bathroom rug. One is going in a bathroom where we don’t have a tub or shower, so it probably won’t get wet. I dry off in the shower, so that shouldn’t be a problem either. A tutorial for a bathmat? That’s kinda funny! Haven’t seen that one. Terri

  15. I saw your “asian” quilt block with a girl holdibg 2 baskets on her shouder. Can you send me information on it. I have adopted 2 little Chinese girls who want to make quilts. Please reply.



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