Field Trip to Farmers Market

We got up early on Saturday morning to get to the farmers market before it got too crowded. It turned out to be a perfect trip. Luckily, we got there in time to get a breakfast teddywedger (a cornish pasty or meat pie) before they sold out. They have other combinations, but the breakfast version with eggs, cheese and Canadian bacon is THE best!

breakfast teddywedger

It was great to see the community vegetable garden has been plotted out and planted.

community vegetable garden

There was an abundance of fresh-cut spring flowers.

another bucket of tulips

more tulips

bucket of tulips

There are always lots of gorgeous plants to put in your own garden.

purple geraniums

hanging plants

gorgeous begonias

We don’t usually buy much to carry home, and just enjoy eating our way around and people watching. We always buy 2 monster cookies from the Amish farmers, and our new discovery is the Chicago Mix of caramel and cheese kettle corn from Ernie’s Kettle Corn food cart. It’s so good, we have to buy our own bags so we don’t have to share!

I don’t know exactly what it is about farmers markets that we all love so much. Fresh air. Fresh produce and bakery. Outdoor shopping. Dining al fresco. Bringing city peeps and farmers together in an urban scene. Makes me feel like doing a whimsical illustrated map of our favorite stops along the farmers market (similar to the set I did last year).

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9 thoughts on “Field Trip to Farmers Market

  1. Your breakfast sandwich is making my mouth water!

    I love that they plan out a community garden so that it is also a part of the farmers market! I’m sure it really adds to the ambiance. I think all of the different people you see, along with the beautiful flowers and the scents coming from the food vendors make it a great adventure! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl. Those breakfast pies are SO good. They’re huge so we end up sharing one.

      You’re right, farmers market is always a great adventure. I just love going.

  2. I love farmer’s markets, too. All of the above is just what it’s all about! Those teddywedgers look swell! I always love the handmade soaps and stuff at farmer’s markets. 🙂

    1. Thanks Stephanie. Our market focuses on produce, bakery, cheese, meat, plants and other local things that are grown. They allow a couple handmade vendors in one section, selling pottery, jewelry, and trinkets, but not too many. It’s nice that they keep it more farmers market and less craft fair.

  3. An illustrated map would be amazing. There definitely IS something about being outside at a farmer’s market. Last Saturday we were at Portland Saturday Market, which is a mix of food vendors and artists. It was awesome.

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